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And I have a bunch of feelings about that.

I've been working on this dissertation for a while now. It's been a year since I posted last, and, well...

And there was a. lot. of. writing.

Then, after making revisions based on my first two readers' comments:

I handed it in to my whole committee:

I don't know if it was really ready for prime time:

but I did it anyway:

And then there was the defense. Rescheduled at the last minute because one of my readers was hospitalized:

(she's fine now)

This was the hardest two hours of my life. First there was my presentation:

this met with mixed reactions from the committee:

and they asked me a lot of tough questions:

my responses might not have been the best:

and it kind of felt like:

but I've been assured that it came out okay:

even if it seemed to be more:

(and okay, maybe I wanted to:)

after that they gave me some minor revisions:

and we celebrated:

and now?

Well, there's a feeling of accomplishment, certainly:

But mostly, I have a lot of mixed feelings, and haven't quite been able to sort them all out. Sometimes I'm all:

and other times it's just:

and then sometimes:

I'm not really sure what to think or feel, only that I've got a lot of feelings, and I'm hoping to sort them all out in time. But feels good.

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