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Jul. 24th, 2010 08:18 am
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A beautiful thing to see in the morning...though I think it's also making me want to nap again.

The blog project is at
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If you know anyone looking for transcription work, have them send me an email. I'm about to start the whole "register my independent contractors" thing with BU, and I'm getting a small library of sound files that will need transcriptions!
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You know how sometimes, you see something and just can't stop laughing even if you know it's not *that* funny?

You know how there was that medieval superstition that if a pregnant woman looked too long at a statue, or a painting, or an animal, her baby would resemble what she gazed upon?

Yeah. Twonky, I'm so sorry. But I'm still giggling.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 07:48 am
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This morning I had my very first "everything is going horribly wrong with the class I teach" dreams. Students didn't show up, I wasted lecture time, it was both too long and too short...whoof.

Yeah, I'd like to do without more of those, please.
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Team Fortress 2 has been updated for a Mac OS X release.

For many of you, this will mean nothing. For me, since I play it on the Xbox, it means little. But what it mostly means is that the Valve team has released two great promos for it: a video and a comic. Both of them are worth viewing even if you don't play TF2.

And I think I want biodegrading blogging bullets. I like this gun.

Pop quiz!

May. 30th, 2010 04:46 pm
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The current draft of the article I've been trying to write since early spring is:

a) 19 pages long, with lots of "ADD PARAGRAPH ON THIS TOPIC" notations
b) fairly chunky, missing some transitions, and prone to digressions, but okay anyway
c) ready to be filled with examples
d) covered with notations to take it to the next draft
e) the comfiest thing in the room.

If you answered "e" you are my cat.
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I doubt that I could have picked a better day to forget my keys and be locked out of the apartment. Three books and a lot of sunny reading time later, a kind neighbor has let me in.
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Question: I know that "Sola Scriptura" means "by scripture alone," and is therefore probably in the ablative case. But how would I translate an adjectival phrase: "alone, with scripture"? "Solus, scripturus"? "Solus, et cum scripturae"?

Bah. Gotta go dig up my Latin dictionary.
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[ profile] minyan, transmitting Kass, throws down the gauntlet: I challenge you to post something awesome in your LJ or DW.

I just got another round of revisions back from the IRB. But this time, instead of big, heavy, how-is-ethnography-go revisions that have the potential to make my whole project nigh-unworkable if they go awry, these are "dot your i's and cross your t's" revisions. A moved sentence, change "may" to "will," and add a paragraph mentioning that interviewing can be emotionally stressful. Oh, and print it on letterhead. That's it.

That's. It.

I may well be doing fieldwork by mid-April. Absolutely by May. FOR REALS, YO.
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What the heck was that sound file?
That's the sound from INSIDE MAH BELLY. ahem. That's the heartbeat of our child.

Whoa! You're pregnant! How far along are you?
Thirteen weeks. Which means we're just starting the second trimester (Trimester 2: The Embiggening). It's still really early, but we decided it was time to officially tell people. Also, apparently I've been acting a little suspicious. goddamn I miss booze

That means that you're due...ummm...
Early October. October 1st, in fact, but given the way my family tends to gestate that could mean mid-October instead.

Do you know whether it's a boy or girl?
Not yet, and we'll probably keep it a secret when we find out.

You're sure there's just one?
Positive! And relieved!

Why "Twonky"?
Well, we've been through a couple of pseudonyms--"Ringo" and "Heliogabalus" were both used, though I was less happy about the nickname "Gobble" being applied to something living and growing inside me. After watching the baby dancing around on the last ultrasound, we were thinking of names. I suggested "Twitch" and "Spinbot" from RoboRally, and [ profile] sen_no_ongaku said, "Twonky!"

Think of it as an extended royal name. Ringo Heliogabalus Twonky.

How do you and [ profile] sen_no_ongaku feel?
Physically? Exhausted and hungry, frequently. Emotionally? All over the map, from eager to terrified to unprepared to overwhelmed with joy to weepy. Mostly, excited and happy and convinced we don't know thing one about all this...and that's okay.

NOW what?
We worry, we prepare, I try and stay healthy, we hope that (as [ profile] lilairen put it) "the R&D process goes smoothly", I start looking for maternity clothes and apply for academic leave in the fall, and eventually (probably this summer) we get a room ready and panic a bit more.

And we wonder, and listen to the heartbeat.


Mar. 24th, 2010 10:11 pm
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Anybody out there on Xbox Live who has a copy of the Orange Box and wants to play Team Fortress sometime? I'm no better at it than I was at Quake deathmatching, but man, is it ever fun to explode your friends. Or set them on fire. Or attack them with medical devices.


Feb. 9th, 2010 08:58 am
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I'll have more to post later...things about papers, classes, winter, etc...but right now I have a question for Internet:

What's the standard rate for transcription? How much per hour of work, and how many hours does it take to transcribe one hour's worth of recording?

(Why? It's grant proposal time, and I'm putting together a budget!)
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[ profile] stealthmuffin is at work and unable to properly squee about this, so I'll start instead. WOOO!
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You know you like to watch movies online. You know it. I know it. Dogs know it.

Perhaps tonight you're in the mood for an amazing animated remix of the Ramayana. [ profile] sen_no_ongaku gave me this for Christmas, and I'm in love. With him and the movie too.

Or instead, you'd like to learn more about getting in fights and hitting things. I understand Sun Tzu knows something about that, and the Scots know a bit about it too. Props to [ profile] stealthmuffin, who's totally corrupted me here. Gentlemen.

Or maybe tonight you'd prefer to watch a totally badass flip-book.

Or, courtesy of wonkyblog, a video that seems to have been drawn out of Max Ernst's nightmares.

Failing all that, you could listen to some mashups. The Nirvana/Lady Gaga one is good, but I Will Survivor is better.
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I find myself searching for some of my possessions.

Do any of you have or know who might have any of the following:
--disc 1 of Paranoia Agent
--any of my Deadlands books (I can't remember if I lent or gave these to someone)
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I've been wondering lately what I can use Livejournal for. I haven't posted a lot of the things going on in my head--sometimes because it's too personal, sometimes because it seems awfully esoteric, and sometimes because I just don't take the time to write it up. In fact, usually because I don't take the time to write it up.

That's a pity, because my best thinking happens when I'm writing. I think through my fingers, apparently, and taking the time to write out stuff is where I go from unformed meanderings to real ideas and possibilities. And I love having the record of what I've done to look back on.

Of course, when I'm writing out things like "Today, I superglued my fingers together and revised a paper" then it's notably less impressive.

But I want to take the time to share more than the trivial details of the day. (That's what Facebook is for! :D) So I'm going to write more over the winter, I think. And if it ends up being trivial details, that's okay. In fact, that's usually a good place to start.

-Progress is slow on the Ultima quilt, but I'm happy with the way the outlining of the islands is working out. The islands are nice and puffy.

--I did actually superglue my fingers together. I broke our awesome pushy-choppy thingy a few weeks ago (note to self: do not fret over dissertation and chop onions at the same time) and now I hope it's fixed.

--Grading papers is sloooooooow. I'll get into it tonight, but getting the momentum to actually do it is like pulling teeth. I suppose it's the counterpart to undergraduate procrastination in *writing* the papers.

--For Halloween, DaMan and I were "extras in search of a Merchant-Ivory movie" as [ profile] laura_md put it. I love that my costume stash has reached the point where dressing up is rarely a matter of making new things but of arranging my various bits in new combinations. Or old friendly combinations. I do love that corset and jacket combo...And DaMan rocked out in vintagey style.

--War of the Worlds was a fantastic experience, even if I did go *blort* long before the cast party was over. I loved seeing it both times (but oof, so long!). It's astonishing how seeing the Foley work being done didn't make certain sounds (or songs/Tripod calls) any less scary. I will be hearing that crashing trash can in my dreams.

--Round 2 on the prospectus is coming up. More info as events unfold.

And, as promised, zombies.
At the SSSR conference in Denver, I listened to a lot of presentations--some great, some bland, some where I just stared at a wall of statistics going "bzuh?" By Saturday afternoon I was touchy and irritable, alternating between frustration with some of the less impressive presentations and nagging insecurity about my own ability to produce good work.

So when I left the hotel, I was just looking for a break--a moment in a coffeeshop somewhere or a brainless shopping trip. Instead, I stumbled into a Zombie Crawl. About 100-200 people dressed as zombies were having a party in the park next to the hotel, just hanging out and being undead together. There were anti-zombie guards in black gas masks, zombie Spiderman, zombie pirates, zombie babies (which were especially cute), and a Stormtrooper. I'm not sure why the Stormtrooper was there.

I returned to the conference giggling and grinning. All in all, it was proof that zombies make everything better.
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Today, I have been given:

--an ARC of _Wild Hunt_
--a bottle of Sonic Death Monkey shampoo
--a rubber ducky with a purple tiara.

I'm willing to declare today a success on the basis of these events alone.


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