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Thanks to all of you for advice, commiseration, rightous anger, and all. The matter is being resolved in the best possible manner; there is even a remote chance that I may get my email back. (The original contract was for 'transfer', not 'recovery', which is why I couldn't just outright demand that everything be restored.) This round of interaction with TechFusion has been much more fruitful, and I still think they're far more capable than your standard CompUSA people.

The only thing left to wonder is: am I getting this treatment because I have convinced them with my rational arguments and calm demeanor, or am I getting this so that I will shut up? An unanswerable question, really.

I'm gradually becoming accustomed to Half-n-Clowns, and it's getting accustomed to me in turn. And the cat is not allowed on it.

More later in the week, now that thinking about email doesn't make me twitch.
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I need to vent. I also may need some advice.

The Laptop, the emails, the confusion. )


Dec. 7th, 2004 08:35 am
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Dear boss,

When I ask you what I need to do for the next day's meeting, and you say "just be on hand for emergencies", I tend to assume that means "just be on hand for emergencies." Please don't assume that I know the several small duties that must be done (by me) for this meeting to happen.

Especially if a) I have never attended said meeting; b) you have never informed me of these duties.

I learn a lot by osmosis. Please do not assume I learn everything.

Thank you. Now get some goddamn sleep so you can function.
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This is the Waxman Report on Abstinence-Only Education.

It's all well and good to say "waiting for a while can be healthier and smarter"; but stuffing your TEXTBOOK with scientific errors, discredited studies, and SCREAMING GENDER STEREOTYPES is sickening.

There's a little fable about a prince which is priceless. Because everyone knows that girls who offer advice about sex are not worth having.

I think I must go be violently ill now.
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I don't think it's the end of the world. I'm not moving to Canada. I'm not convinced that we're doooooooomed. And I'm extremely happy for the gains that did happen, and that things could have been far worse.

I'm not any less angry or upset, either. I've been doing the hoping-for-the-best thing for so long that I want a day of depression and gloom to break down in; then I can go back to putting one stone atop another, one good deed, one person helped, one victory won. But today feels pretty damned bad, regardless of the limitless potential we still have, the power in change and anger, the things we've accomplished and the things we can accomplish.

In spite of all that, today still feels damned bad. And I do the (comparatively) Happy Shiny Optimist thing a lot, so I don't think I'm being irrational by taking a day to bellow.

This anger is real. This sorrow is real--even if Kerry ultimately wins. Today, they're what I can feel.

Tomorrow I will put them aside, shrink them down, and use them to make things different.
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I'm infuriated and wounded and depressed and angry.
I'm trying to channel that into something productive. It's not working yet. I'm so angry and so very sad.

Every single gay marriage ban was passed. Every fucking one. The recount makes me nervous and desperate, but this just makes me...

...Time for some righteous anger. The good kind.

In other news, I got the job.
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I think I speak for many of us when I say...

...I'm so nervous I can't string together more than three thoughts at a time.
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Nightmarish conference call this morning.

Still don't know what I did wrong.
How did I manage to put X in conference with the hold music from Emory University? How did I manage to completely disconnect Y? And what the heck happened when I hung up?

Phooey. I need a cuppa Bailey's and a place to nest and read my novel. Not gonna happen till the end of the day.

A big woot to all exam-takers, costume-makers, and donut-bakers! You make me happy even in the midst of my Homsar-like AaaaaAAAaaaAAA-ing!
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Hyperbole, exhaustion, crisis. It's a great big essay.
It's behind this cut tag. )
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I took my weaving course this weekend. I now know how to thread a loom, weave, and will learn how to remove it later.

I also know that I do not want to encounter this teacher any more, ever. (Besides the part where I *have* to, in order to give her back spare chenille yarn.)

First, the 'teaching' bit was never fully engaged. The talking randomly about one subject, jumping to another, giving indistinct instructions about what we might do at one point...that was full on. Questions occasionally encouraged a response disparaging "Cambridge students and their desire to know *why* rather than just *do* it". Refusing to inspect student work when they found a mistake, to help correct, and instead just saying "Well, you must have screwed up earlier. Start over." Giving incomplete instructions to one set of students, then giving complete and somewhat contradictory ones to another set.

Two people did not complete the class. So the main topic of conversation from her was 'how weaving isn't for everyone, how some people just can't do it, how some people don't have their minds in the right place, how some people just can't seem to shift from right brain to left brain...' Look, lady. They left because they were frustrated, upset, near tears in one case, and felt that they were receiving no help. Not because they were 'not weaving people'.

And the piece de resistance? Bigotry. Not of the hatred kind, but of the damning with compliments. Yup.

(To a Brazilian student, who later left) "You know, some people hold ethnic stereotypes, but all the Brazilians on the Vineyard are very hardworking. They clean the island, they cook, they work very hard." (She went on in this vein for a bit. Later she asked how his English was, then disparaged it after he left.)

"Laotians, they're the no-problem people. I have a Laotian assistant, and she's always smiling, always happy, always so innovative with saving money. So they're the No Problem people."

"Whenever I see an Asian face, I'm just in heaven. You know, Asians have a natural facility for fiber work."

"When I worked in XX, with the community making tapestries, we never had any trouble with young men of un-American ethnicity. But American young men didn't want to do any weaving..."

Huh. Oh gee, I'm not a bigot! I love those little brown people! (No, she didn't say that.)

I just don't get it. She probably thinks I'm prickly, because after the third or fourth time, I felt absolutely no need to be polite to her.
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This is a piece, largely quoting Paul Krugman, about the process of 'demonizing the opponent' in politics.


"As a result, many people in the center become turned off by it all and no longer bother to vote. Political dialogue becomes a series of epithets and bombast hurled at opponents over the airwaves in attack ads or on talk shows. It even becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since centrist voters find little to like in either party, they quit voting. That just prompts both parties to try even harder to mobilize base voters to win increasingly low-turnout elections. Fewer centrist politicians run for office or work in politics. Instead, the humorless zealots and true believers rise to the top."

Gee, now why does that sound vaguely familar?

I continue to be tired of anger and helplessness. I must do SOMEthing--and I don't want it to just be throwing money at the issue. But what?
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Anybody know how to fix a leaky faucet?


Jul. 30th, 2004 05:27 pm
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My brain has officially turned into jell-o.

Two more days left in the workweek and I'm jell-o.
You see, we're stitching velvet. lots and lots of velvet. and it all has to be handstitched before machined.

tech is on Tuesday.

I am dangerously close to singing "I'm A Little Fucking Teapot" at the top of my voice; since we border the management offices, that's not a Good Idea.

There are far worse things to be than jell-o.

Tomorrow, perhaps, I will be a pudding pop.
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Sad: that is, personal.

My gamers are fighting. I don't know what it's about. I don't know if I should keep out of it, keep my emotions out of it but intervene without prejudice, or honestly say what I think, emotional reactions and all.

Tired of running game and being unhappy and stressed during/after it. Hell, maybe I should just quit it this summer. Start something new. Or don't.

Angry: that is, national.


And I still don't know if Shrub will be leaving come November! I keep having nightmare scenarios of "Whoopsie, found Bin Ladin on Oct. 29th! How'd that happen?" or even worse...I'm honest-to-lady scared of another attack. And I'm scared of the effect such an attack might have on J.Q. Voter. Nightmares about bioterrorism and the DNC this July..."Whoops! Stupid Dems didn't believe us, got all nice-nice with terror, and now they're ebola victims!" Okay, that's far-fetched. But I have full license for nightmares, dammit. They're not supposed to be rational, or even grounded in fact.
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(Aside: Jeez, not on LJ for 24 hours yet and already posted three times)

Mr.TheMan and I just finished watching The Kingdom (first four eps). AAaaAAaaAaaaAAA, to quote Homsar. Not for the faint of heart, or those easily disturbed by blood. It's a Danish series directed by Lars von Trier, set in a hospital where the bizarre hauntings take second priority to the bizarre politicking in the staff. There's a little girl with a bell who cries in the elevator shaft. And that's the most normal bit. The ambulance that doesn't respond...the endless basement hallways...the spare head...

I don't know how well I'll sleep tonight.

It's also the best combination of horror and humor--even farce--that I've ever witnessed. Not just the uneasy laugh of "oh my god, he's not really going in the basement, is he?", but back and forth between grotesquerie, drama, and the ludicrosities (new word! yay!) of management. Plus, the manager might be a complete incompetent--or he might be the most devious manipulator in the whole hospital.

Stephen King's supposed to be rewriting the series for American release. All props to Mr. King, but I have no idea how he'll do it and not suck.


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