Mar. 13th, 2005 12:21 am
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emails to write:
one to old friend, attempting to summarize last ten years
one to complete an interview for a grad school thesis project
one to dad, someday, bringing up a sore point so it doesn't become a permanent source of irritation
two to friends inviting them to various things

rooms to clean:
my study
our bedroom
the bathroom
the stairs

things to make:

dreams to dream:
porch swing and tea
pilot at the podium
knee deep in the lake
great tree in the field

thoughts to think:
family and connection
purpose and intent
absolute and relative morality (or mortality)

conclusion reached:
like Schroedinger's cat, simultaneously alive and dead until the box is opened and the wave collapsed, I exist simultaneously ecstatic and despondent, carefree and weighted with plans, until Tuesday when the admissions office can be called.

mojo and love to you all; sweet dreams.

pros, cons

Jan. 23rd, 2005 03:17 pm
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Worrying about friends who are driving or might be driving today.
Slight cabin fever.
Cancellation of the Dinosaur Annex concert, which had some very cool pieces.
Not being entirely certain what to do with this time I suddenly have.
Occasional drafts.

DDR with DaMan.
Watching DaMan play Metroid Prime: Echoes and going "ooo, are you gonna shoot that one too?"
Re-reading a graphic novel.
Hustling down the fresh-plowed streets to the Store 24, picking up ingredients.
Choosing to use this present of time to make chocolate chip cookies. And maybe ice cream, too.
The Lappy being on its way, eventually.
The bright, bright light in every window, filling the apartment.
Being home during Oob's affectionate hours.

Chocolate chip cookies await me! I shall free them from their ingredient-y state!
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No longer freaked by the near-accident; [ profile] bezique, I will take your advice on the matter.

Now it's just workbusiness! It's pretty intense, and I'm starting to use LJ as a safety valve. Thirty seconds of it in the middle of a heavy day kind of reboots me.

[ profile] sen_no_ongaku has some Oob icons. Awww, our little grey starving kitty!

The lappy will either be fixed or salvaged; we'll see what happens.

And now, I turn to Mudpuppy for wisdom in my workday. His Frankenbeanied expression makes everything better.
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--I reopened my file with John Leonard Temps yesterday, and they had a job for me today. Sadly, I'm too quick with data entry; my work was over by three. Well, it means more contracts in the future, right?

--Sent out four more applications to Hahvahd jobs. Hooking up with Spherion on Thursday, but ultimately, the purpose of this year is to break things and kill people do something interesting or make money. So Hahvahd does not need to be any part of that.

--Thanks for the name suggestions! The characters will be put together tonight, whilst DaMan putters or composes or plays on the GameCube.

--And now I get a cricket bat! )
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--More leg room than a plane. About 3’ from my seat to the back of the one ahead. Oooooh yeah. Long-femured people rejoice!
--I got the sucky car, without outlets, so my little cellphone Bigby is going to die a slow death. (I stopped at a Starbucks in Chicago and charged him while I latte-d.)
--Huge windows, of course. Although when greenery is rushing by –directly- outside the window at a dizzying rate, it’s mildly unsettling to the stomach.
--The train is far more worn than any plane I’ve ever been on. Fraying curtains, beading on the upholstery, furnished in late 70s browns and reds. Air travel ends up seeming cleaner.
--Ginormous ceiling racks! Screw this carryon limit shit!!
--Odd reactions to fellow passengers. “I hope they’re nice people. I also hope they get out at Albany.”
--Boston is big sky country too…but we never look at it. That is, our “window” to observe the sky is bounded by high buildings, hills, and only when the sky seems to expand forever outward over the cornfield does it become recognizably big sky country.
--The constant slight jostling that occurs when we’re at certain speeds makes even a half-full bladder very unhappy. And train restrooms…agh…eccch.
--Graffiti under a bridge: Love is like snow. You don’t know how deep it will be or how long it will last.

My main idea about trains is that traveling on one feels like traveling through an infinity of back yards. Affluent, run-down, tired, trimmed, wild, neat, laundry on the line, kids in the pool.
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1. "Problems should be solved by those who perceive them."
Note that this isn't a declarative statement--problems are best solved by those who perceive them--but a directive. This seems to me to be, at first examination, a good idea. It places the responsibility directly on one's own shoulders, but that's not a bad thing. I have yet to explore beyond the tip of the iceberg of the implications of the directive, though.

2. Giving up things you enjoy in order to do something more constructive is incredibly hard. But not impossible.
I was talking with [ profile] stealthmuffin today, and poked her for not playing BG2 (so we could share injokes, I think). She responded that she slowed playing that in order to have more time to write. I was a little ashamed. I thought about it. If it came down to the wire, I would drop out of one or both games if I needed the time. But I remember waffling about taking a class, because it would conflict with game. That can't happen. Priorities need to be straight: brain comes before pastime.

3. How in Lady's name do creative people keep creating? How do you keep yourself--or someone else--from becoming bitter and angry about one's work, if it isn't being seen or appreciated? What keeps you going without turning into a sullen recluse?

4. One of the effects of a youth-saturated culture is that maturing feels like something to be embarrassed about.

5. "Common sense" is often a euphemism for "doing things the way I would." When people berate others for having no common sense (as a coworker of mine did this last week), it usually means that they view their response as 'the obvious one'. Common sense is overrated.

6. Where is the threshold of translation? That is to say, when translating a text, how much distortion or interpretation can be added without fundamentally changing the nature of the text? Is it zero? Much? Does it change from text to text?

Six topics. No clues. Time for pondering over dinner.
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--Trees in full bloom. Magnolias, white and graceful and huge; crabapples, pink and frothy.
--Birds building nests in the neighbor's trees.
--Purple hats.
--Siblings who are Prom Royalty; in case anyone missed the earlier post, the youngest of the three of us is nominated for the Prom Court! I cannot describe how cool that is. Mostly because I'm not there.
--Knowing I'm going to see her soon, and getting to harangue her at her graditation party. You want a pappasan chair for college, [ profile] sal_sal?
--Going to community tea at the Div School.
--MrDaMan cooking dinner tonight...he is a fine, fine cook. And he goes well with olive oil and shallots.
--Brief running-game overload, from the Wednesday Night regulars and from a Cthulhu two-shot that got started last night.
--A workday that went quickly.
--A virtual sheep named Puffy.
--Stealthmuffin's novel.
--Wearing lots of silver jewelry and looking classy.

oom! pah!

Mar. 30th, 2004 12:41 pm
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Following my friend Brenda's tradition of Thankful Thursdays, I'm putting together a list of small wonders and happinesses encountered recently.

**A sousaphonist in Park Street T. Not your usual busker! Playing "If I Only Had a Brain". I wished for Boutros-Boutros just so I could introduce him to the concept of sousafish.
**Playing Confirm and Deny with MrTheMan. It's from an Eddie Izzard routine, and he's too damn good at it.
**The beastie in the Berkshires likes me. She rumbles really loud when I pet her.
**The Oob continues to lose weight, and has gotten cuter in her methods of waking me in the morning. Today I opened my eyes after the snooze went off, and was staring directly into big eyes and a cold, wet nose. Awww.
**Shibori! Shibori is sooo cool. I might have to buy something and dye it. It's a Japanese form of tie-dyeing, where you stitch and gather in patterns in order to have strange but regular designs.
**The joy in teaching others a skill I have.
**The greater joy in seeing an enthusiasm for a new hobby develop in others.
**Blue fingernails. CoooOOOooool. Okay, so the hot tub owners don't think so, but it's an everyday occurrence for them. I think it's awesome.
**Dilated pupils. I had an eye exam this morning, and now I look REALLY interested in what people are saying to me. It's a little uncomfortable-light hurts a bit-but I like these gentle sensory alterations.
**Having the effect of said pupils start to wear off just as I need to start a paper.
**Grey daylight in the morning.

And here's a couple of book recommendations:

Seven Theories of Religion by Daniel Pals. Nice intro text for anyone trying to get a handle on just what various folks have thought about religion and why. Offers background, support, summation, analysis, and critique of seven thinkers: Frazer (the Golden Bough guy), Freud, Marx, Durkheim, Eliade, Evans-Pritchard and Geertz.

Lenore: Noogies and Lenore: Wedgies by Roman Dirge. Comic about a little dead girl. V. sick. V.v. sick. Also v. funny. Lenore doesn't have much tolerance for things like lawn gnomes, her button-eyed ex-boyfriend, and evil toilet monsters trying to eat her head.

For that matter, neither do I.


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