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More memage...we'll see when the saturation point hits. I first encountered it through [ profile] sanj, and have adopted [ profile] wavyarms's edits, and then made a minor edit of my own.

Who are you?
If we've met, when and how did we meet?
What event or place would you like to go to with me?
Would you kiss me?
Describe me in one word.
What was your first impression?
How has your impression of me changed? (Did it?)
What reminds you of me?
If you could give me anything what would it be?
If you could give me one book what would it be?
When's the last time you saw me?
Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
What do you think the future holds for me in the next 10 years that I don't expect?
What have I gotten absolutely right? Could be an event, a life philosophy, a piece of advice, a joke, anything.
What have I said/done that made you laugh the hardest?
Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

Also, I was toying with an LJ haiku generator and produced this gem:
rule and then it
continued to rule and
then it ruled some

I leave you with that.
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I have a *brand new shiny Paid LJ*, and I may never go back! I have more icons (but hunger for MORE! must...photoshop...), a cool interface, friendsfriends much crack, so little time. All thanks to [ profile] ltlbird!

And scraps from [ profile] xclamation_pt! And recommendations! And...

And then there's what [ profile] fairoriana and her dear husband gave me for Christmas. I couldn't wait and opened it.

It's so cute. It's squamous. It's a plushy Shoggoth.

I shall name it Blinky, and it will be a friend to F'tagn! matter where I go, Blinky looks at me!
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I've been very quiet lately...some of it is not wanting to post unless I have a real essay to show off, and some of it is just inertia. Yesterday, however, my friend [ profile] bezique posted a quick note saying that he's glad to be alive--specifically, because a dump truck barrelled into the car that he and Shoshe and her parents were occupying.

They're all okay; broken sternums and horrific scares and all, they're all okay.

For me, it was a terrible reminder of how fragile life can be; how great the odds are against us, and how lucky I am that so many of my friends are alive and healthy. As saccharine as it can feel to be thinking in these sort of Hallmark terms, they're valid and real, and if they're not worth posting to LJ, nothing is.

So for you who have brought me to your homes, who have reached to me when I was empty, who have made me laugh, who have challenged me to think, who have inspired me, who have shared tea and contemplation or coffee and giggles, who have seen me yesterday or not for years:

Be well, and be healthy, and know that I'm grateful for you. And stay away from dump trucks.
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Mocksgiving. So full of turkey and pie, tasty tasty pie...curse your devilish cookery ways, [ profile] fairoriana and [ profile] rolypolypony!! One of the best Mocks's I've been to, with many fun people and new friends!

Meanwhile, here are some brain-eating links for you to follow.

Hey, he's stopped twitching.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must let the tryptophans take over.
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The Halloween party last night was wonderful. (Hugs to those who were unable to come!) With a surprise appearance by [ profile] nadyezhda and [ profile] haak0n, lots of good books and good characters. There were several moments when I introduced people by LJ names as well as real ones...and got quite a few a-ha! results.

Theme of the party was books! People dressed up as book characters, then brought a book to lend out, and went home with somebody else's. [ profile] anu3bis had a beautiful Dream/Sandman mask; A was resplendent as Scarlett O'Hara; I bounced around at [ profile] g_me being Anne of Green Gables; DaMan went in bathrobe, pajamas, and book with "DON'T PANIC" written on it... know, everyone's costumes were pretty damned cool! The ones from books I hadn't read (T, with fire lizards and bandaged feet) made me want to read more, and the classics were inspiring. ([ profile] cute_fuzzy_evil as Dame Alysoun, in red kirtle...and her husband wearing a sign saying "Hi, my name is BATH") And I really did have a brief heart-stop moment when [ profile] skarppsey took off his innocuous white jester's mask to reveal the Red Death beneath.

T taught us a new game called Celebrity Salad, which was a lot of fun. (How the hell do you describe "Detective Lenny Briscoe" in one word? I love the man, and I still don't know!) We also played two rounds of Oracle.

And there was hot buttered rum, and ice cream, and tildae, and evil popcorn balls, and just good fun.
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First a quick hug to some of my friends far away; Shoshe, headed off to Japan while her latest email to me moulders in my inbox, perennial victim of my correspondence failings; [ profile] wavyarms, [ profile] laobscuridad, and [ profile] nadyezhda, all beginning studies and in various stages of freakout; [ profile] sal_sal, recipient of strange snack food; [ profile] sanj, brand new in the city and exhausted from moving; and many, many more. I love you and hope you are well. And I hope [ profile] sal_sal got someone to try the salted prunes.

I'm trying to come up with a plan for a Halloween party. I want to do some sort of costume party, or some sort of event party. More than your usual "dress up, hang out, have food and drink". But I can't think of good ideas. I must ponder more. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your deep musing on half-and-not-half. I have so far failed to find any clowns in it.
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Sure, why not?
(Update on the job thing coming on Tuesday...)

Part of being on is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first 'meeting' you.

It would probably be fairer to ask about people's earliest memories of me, since I've found it nigh impossible to remember actual initial meetings. Daring folks are also welcome to note their first impressions of me.
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Dear Chicago folks whose email seems to be bouncing mine:

Plans are set for a Six Flags trip on Sunday, July 25th. That's a week from tomorrow....are ya interested?
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My players got me a Cthulhu!

I've always wanted a stuffed Cthulhu! To hug and love and name it George! Or F'tagn!

And it's Summer Fun Cthulhu, too. With a horrible straw hat, a Hawaiian shirt, shorts (jams, perhaps?), and...flip-flops.

Flip-flops....of DOOOOOOM!!

I will hug it and love it and name it F'tagn, and I am so happy!
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I just finished a closing session for the 1 1/2 year-long game. Not permanently, but two of the players are going off to grad school, and I'm in WI for a month, so there's a hiatus.

Crap. I'm going to miss you, [ profile] laobscuridad and [ profile] nadyezhda. More than I want to admit.

But it was a good way to end, yes? One is off to be ambassador to Shadow, swearing allegiance to his liege is taking care of a twin she never knew while he goes through some unfortunate changes.

May all your games be as rich as you've made this one.
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That was fantastic.

We just hosted MrTheMan's birthday party; his actual natal day is next Tuesday, but this was best for congregation purposes. From three in the afternoon till midnight, this house was a game-playing, conversation-filled, food-overloaded nest. Many people we love, *pause for absent friends, whom we missed*. Most everybody had a good time, and there were some great Oracle question-answer exchanges. Wanna see? )

Tomorrow is full of work; clean up from the party, do an alteration, do a quilt square, suss out more jobs, etc, etc. But it's interrupted by Riddick. W00t!

A moment of thanks for the beautiful people in my life. Not "The Beautiful People", but the fascinating, strong, tenacious, creative people I am surrounded by. I am luckier than I ever thought I could be.
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Wow. The first time was pretty successful, so let's try again!

[ profile] anacrucis, I regret not seeing you last Halloween, so you would probably be in something naval. Let me see...Master and Commander-esque; less Captain, more bo'sun; blue, wood buttons, circa 1700.

[ profile] sanj...mwah ha ha. No Italian Ren for you! No! You get far stranger and cooler! Your build is awesome, and sends me to around the 1930s. First, think Queen Latifah in Chicago. Showgirl style. Big feathery fan, your curly hair slicked back into a beautamous 'do. The other source material? Did you see Carnivale? A cool show. The bearded lady--KEEP READING!!--was frickin' hot! She had this great, structured, sleek silk piece that she wore early on. The formless kimono she wore later was less nice. I liked her undergarmented, sculpted...And I think you'd look jaw-dropping sexy the same way.

[ profile] cincodemaygirl, I haven't seen you in soooo long...I wanna Boudicca you up. Tie back that hair, get some woad, and some leather Celtic battle armor! And a chariot, and a spear. Take that, centurions!

Jess, I am inspired by your current residence. Cowgirl! Annie, get your gun! Leather skirt, sexy white blouse/black vest combo, ten gallon hat, bullwhip, irritated expression.

Anonymous j, O MY GOODNESS! Hello, old friend. You do like the cryptic approach, don't you? Say hi to the magdalen, and did you receive my email about the fourth of July? You get two, I think. First, because I never got to see it, just imagine it, a green polyester leisure suit. Big gold chain. Second, an actual _nice_ one. Well, weird, actually. I want to see you in Lawrence of Arabia mode, in Bedouin garb, whites, blues, perhaps some few designs.

Any more takers? Last call for costumes! I wonder what all y'all would put ME in...
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"For in this world fear, grief, toil, and peril are unavoidable, but it is of the utmost importance for what cause, with what hope, and to what end a man endures these things."

Yeah, That Augustine. Of Hippo.

Current reading is redefining him for me. "Augustine and the Limits of Politics", by Jean Bethke Elshtain. I had thought of him as just a morose, original-sin-happy, all-sex-is-evil, women-suck-too, early Church father.

I think I might have to read City of God. The whole thing. Elshtain is steadily redeeming him from the multiple negative associations. (Example--yes, he does counsel that wives should be subservient. But not because, as Aristotle would have it, they're inherently inferior. Instead, Auggy's women are equal in the eyes of God, but to maintain the peace and tradition of the household and thus the state, they should be subservient. I disagree at the end, o'course, but stating that women are not absolute inferiors is kind of radical for the time.)


Plus, Jess just informed me that the sheep animation will be in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. Oh My God. Not only does she rock, but she has made my margin doodles world famous. Wooooooooooot!
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...though, come to think of it, I don't think any of these folks live in Indiana anymore.

LJ has worked magic! Big w00t to my old highschool buddies, [ profile] cmprince, [ profile] wdalphin, and [ profile] krasota! Persons of fame, fortune, and silliness, to whom the following sentences will make sense:
Purity Boy Strikes Again!
Park...We need a ride from Marsh...
No More VOR

Wow. I haven't seen any of them except Wil in at least five years. I wonder what's happened to the rest of my classmates.

Well, there _is_ a reunion next year, I think. And there's a newslettery thing. But all that tells me is that one or two people are exactly the same as I remember. And sometimes that's not a reason to come back.

Enough fumfing! I am now in contact with IASMH people! I feel sticky again!
(Ew. That sounds grosser than it is.)


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