Dec. 7th, 2007 09:04 am
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I have three papers due next week.

I have first drafts for all of them--crude, ugly things, with occasional lapses into CAPSLOCK and considerable gaps between logical statements.

I also have a pot full of tea, pens in five different colors, extensive amounts of willpower and silliness, and an unnerving tendency towards perfectionism.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get medieval on Emil Durkheim.
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Things I Learned by Watching Casshern, The Robot Hunter:

1) Science requires pistons, zeppelins, and large clockwork wheels. Especially biochemistry.
2) Never pick up a baby on a battlefield. Especially if it's ticking.
3) Always cover your vats of regenerative material with lightning-bolt-proof lids.
3a) Be certain to plan for those tricky lightning bolts made of solid metal.
4) Offspring killed in war can be easily respawned with said vats.
5) Nuclear explosions are triggered by clockfaces of Big Ben proportions, and holding the minute hand in place can keep the explosion from happening.
6) During wartime, fortified castles with extensive robot armies are often left uninhabited.
7) When kidnapping scientists, be certain to stab them first.
8) Pollution looks like Lothlorien.
9) You can summon the sun (and a fortified castle with extensive robot armies) by screaming a lot.
10) Some diseases have only two symptoms: blindness and increasing winsomeness.
11) Never scream in rage when you've just managed to hide from a giant robot army.
12) The only way to find true peace and fulfillment is to explode. Not to explode other things; just--explode.
13) Sit very far away from anyone you ever talk to, so that you are not hit by giant missiles or spattered in blood.
14) When committing a coup d'etat, it helps to actually kill or imprison the person you're couping.
15)If you can't see a vision of peace and beauty, it may be because you are ON FIRE.

There is no way to adequately describe this movie.
ETA: I should mention that I do like the movie and would recommend, nay, lend it to any who asked. Just be prepared for some jaw-dropping moments.
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My mother is going back to grad school. (Everybody to get in school!) She's currently taking just one class, and she feels intimidated and nervous and ignorant. She's not. She's damned smart. I know, because she spawned me.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to encourage a mature student? What to say, what to emphasize or downplay?

I love my kickass mom.


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