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I am sending out the call! My D&D campaign needs a new player--maybe two, if I can manage it. (For good reasons--two players are headed to graduate school!) Send this message on to any who might be interested--no posting online, please, it's already going to my lj--and I'll be making decisions when I return from Wisconsin. I welcome players with any level of experience with the system or roleplaying in general.

Here's the data: )
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Just re-ran my Cthulhu one-shot about recovering mental patients and evil shapeless brain-sucky things. It was a lot of fun. Not as creepy as the first time--probably because we started at 5pm, in bright sunlight--but equally good and involved, with fun insanities. The original idea was [ profile] srisyadasti's, from a conversation we had last year in Wisconsin, and I have dabbled with it a bit since.

One of my changes involves choosing insanities. Each character has been insane for a while, but got better. So each player decides for another player what caused them to go insane. In the first game, [ profile] fairoriana decided that [ profile] anacrucis's character was a split personality with a penchant for setting fires. In this game, we had a wonderful, wonderful description. One character was an arrogant professor. So when [ profile] stealthmuffin had to describe what caused him to go mad, she was creative. )

So it was a good, fun evening of scary and silly.

On another note, I have three more days of work. I can't tell if I feel regret or relief. More as it approaches...
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Restarted game after a three-week hiatus, and it was good. The kind of in-game moral boost that feels riiiiiight, some investigative work and preparation, and a nice cliffhanger to tide them over. And everyone was roleplaying well; an ex-paladin's moral crisis, a half-elf flippant and a half-elf sneaky; both caring and silliness from the priest; and a good mix of indignation and self-importance from the bard.

Plus, some of my favorite NPCs made guest appearances.

Eventually, in the next month or so, I hope to post the Dwarf and Ninja series. This is [ profile] stealthmuffin's doodles of a gaming comic, complete with displacer kitten.

Thanks for listening to my academiangst. You can ignore entries like that, if you wish; or maybe I should just privatize them. Core dumps of that nature, where I take a bundle of insecurities and just plop it on the keyboard, are extremely cathartic.

And, like [ profile] fairoriana, I have many things to be thankful for. It's not Thursday yet, but here are a few:

--Working in quiet and peace with acute concentration
--That feeling of accomplishment from crossing off the to-do list
--Intelligent, argumentative people, even if I can't always appreciate them.
--Alison Moyet.
--Richard Cheese.
--Order of the Stick.
--Health of body and mind, stability of job and life, loves and friendships.
--Being alive, in general.
--Cinnamon tic-tacs. Yes, it's whiplash from "being alive."
--My silver astrolabe
--Good gaming
--An active imagination and the ability to pull things out of nowhere and have it work. Usually. In conjunction with adequate preparation.
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Good night. One harangue at characters, one moral dilemma, one crossbow-wielding-assassin who didn't get caught (mwah ha ha), one prevented execution, one Big Plan set into motion, one great throwaway character (summoned giant owl, very cranky at daylight), and one largely insane sorcerer.

And a whoooole lot of exposition. The cool kind. The kind where you watch player after player going "oh. we're so screwed. we gotta do something."

Though my favorite moment of the night might be the insane sorcerer setting his price for assistance on a minor matter: one yard of purple silk, one kiss from a pretty girl, and something unique he's never seen before. Current plan is to stick Mggy's character in a dress with a sign that says "PRETTY".

Friday, Viv teaches me the "Viv Anything-Goes-School-of-Combat-Awesomeness", or, how to run a combat without stopping to look up stuff every three seconds. Also, how to make a kobold intimidating. Cool.
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Last night MrTheMan and I watched Kill Bill Vol. 1. The last third really needs a new title: night of a million billion ninjas. Sooooo many ninjas! Well, okay, they were yakuza, really. Dammit, I say ninjas.

Still working over what I think of the movie. I definitely enjoyed it, but I'm waiting to see the second half before I know if it's really _good_. There are many movies which are good, but which I didn't enjoy, and vice versa. Example: Requiem for a Dream. Amazing movie. Incredible. Really, really don't want to see it again anytime soon. Or Dracula. Lots of fun and I love watching it, but I'm aware of its flaws.

Running Orb game tonight...I have to make exit plans for two characters whose players are going to be elsewhere for school! Sigh. And "anvil outta nowhere" won't work.


Apr. 7th, 2004 10:59 pm
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education: completed one paper, in better shape. actually sat and thought about the intro, so it's not just a batch of passive dull crap.

employment: swung from the cheap to the expensive today. morning was ice-white silk duchess satin, heavy and glorious and crisp. afternoon, using newspaper to make crumpled, narsty paper hats.

geeking: attacked them with two tapestries, two shield racks, a rope curtain, a heavy wrought-iron thingy, and lots of silliness. no PCs dead yet. highlights of the evening? "You're searching the cushions of the divan, not the body underneath it?" "The body will stay there. They (the party) might take the stuff in the cushions." also mggy's character trying to salvage the 'corpses' of the tapestries, since they pictured salacious embroidered nymphs. and "satyr"/"Seder" confusion.

also, please to be checking out "Order of the Stick" if you game. right here. click here now, dammit! EDIT: Okay, so today's is more plot, less funny. Try earlier.!
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no, not the congressman.

I haven't posted in a bit because I'm attempting to post an Essay. I'm trying to collect some thoughts on "Skeptical Paganism", and I want to use LJ to actually write and post Content in the form of this Essay. Oof. Which means I've denied myself the bouncy/whiny/silly/etc. standard posts I can do, trying to get myself to write it. Well, that's counterproductive and just leads to no posts instead of Content.

The essay will come...oh yes, it will...but till then, I keep with the silly.

Any suggestions for beasties to throw at my party on Wednesday? Something earthy, or evil, or heavy...yeah.
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Two religion-grad-school related events today, one which left me walking on air and whooping, and one which left me grumbling and resolute. Therefore I must vent.

The first: I met with a prof from last semester who offered to write me a letter of recommendation. Prof had lots of good advice, fun attitude, good news about prospects for a career as well as for my own admission into HDS. And a possible job offer for the fall. Or at least a connection leading thereto. I thought I would keel over...especially when prof offered to go over my statement of purpose essay when I write it. Not just woot: wo0o0o0o0o0o0t! I like this person so much. I wish they were in the fields I'm looking at. Oh, and I really do need to start learning German.

The second: Intro survey class this evening. I got a paper back, and it was a B-. I first reacted poorly: "This deserves better! If it weren't such a stilted topic..." Then irritably, thinking about the high tangent-to-info ratio in class. This prof is intelligent, funny, and well-spoken...but the combination of tangents and the necessity of hurrying through material in a survey class is driving me nuts. Finally, I reached the best conclusion. I will kick this class's butt. I will do so well on these papers, far better than a standard 101 demands or deserves. Fooey.

Back in college, I would have whimpered and had a self-doubt attack at a B-. Now I'm just determined to do better and irate about the class. Yeah, I'm definitely ready for more schooling.

Paraphrase of something I heard recently: "You need an ironclad ego to apply to this school. You need an ironclad ego that is justified in order to get in."

In other news, I seem to have wailed on the party too hard last night at game. Thankfully, Rules Guy assists. Sigh...I should just run a bunch of combats till I know the stuff inside and out.


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