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Song lyrics meme!
Here are the rules:
--Pick a song everyone knows.
--Take the lyrics to babelfish ( and translate English to German to French to English.
--Copy out the result and give clues and see who can guess the song.

Number one!
He was once I was falls in love, but I did not fall now only except there am anything the fact that I can make for A the total black-out of the heart he was was once there in my life easily but does not give now it only to love in the darkness anything I can the total black-out of A of the heart say.

Number two!
I alone find me with my boss at the telephone, who thinks of you, until he hurts me, white you hurts too much, but, us still can tortured, and tore up I wishes I your smile carry could, and my heart during periods, where my life feels so low her me stimuli to believe what could not tomorrow bring, if today really does not know, white I is real everything outside of the love I without in such a way you lost I to know the fact that you were good faith for, whether length is I everything outside of the love which me without you is that I not too much in delay to be can for hiré

Really, neither of these are very hard if you know me well.

And now, things that suck. )

EDIT: The answers are here hiding under a cut tag. )
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I was listening to [ profile] magdalene1's mix while walking to work today. It ruled, and then it continued to rule, and then it ruled some more.

Then "Wig in a Box" came on.
And I found myself skipping, SKIPPING, to work. Hands out to the sides, swaying and moving as if two hundred chorus girls were accompanying me.
It didn't last long; I'm out of shape.

May your mornings be filled with skipping to work and grooving. And, possibly, a full-scale street-wide dance break a la Bjork's "Oh So Quiet" video.
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Wow. The first time was pretty successful, so let's try again!

[ profile] anacrucis, I regret not seeing you last Halloween, so you would probably be in something naval. Let me see...Master and Commander-esque; less Captain, more bo'sun; blue, wood buttons, circa 1700.

[ profile] sanj...mwah ha ha. No Italian Ren for you! No! You get far stranger and cooler! Your build is awesome, and sends me to around the 1930s. First, think Queen Latifah in Chicago. Showgirl style. Big feathery fan, your curly hair slicked back into a beautamous 'do. The other source material? Did you see Carnivale? A cool show. The bearded lady--KEEP READING!!--was frickin' hot! She had this great, structured, sleek silk piece that she wore early on. The formless kimono she wore later was less nice. I liked her undergarmented, sculpted...And I think you'd look jaw-dropping sexy the same way.

[ profile] cincodemaygirl, I haven't seen you in soooo long...I wanna Boudicca you up. Tie back that hair, get some woad, and some leather Celtic battle armor! And a chariot, and a spear. Take that, centurions!

Jess, I am inspired by your current residence. Cowgirl! Annie, get your gun! Leather skirt, sexy white blouse/black vest combo, ten gallon hat, bullwhip, irritated expression.

Anonymous j, O MY GOODNESS! Hello, old friend. You do like the cryptic approach, don't you? Say hi to the magdalen, and did you receive my email about the fourth of July? You get two, I think. First, because I never got to see it, just imagine it, a green polyester leisure suit. Big gold chain. Second, an actual _nice_ one. Well, weird, actually. I want to see you in Lawrence of Arabia mode, in Bedouin garb, whites, blues, perhaps some few designs.

Any more takers? Last call for costumes! I wonder what all y'all would put ME in...
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I'll post a description of the vacation tomorrow--right now, I'm going to follow up on last post by giving costume descriptions for everyone who asked. Well, almost everyone. Questions are on their way, but may be a little while.

[ profile] fairoriana, you might have requested costumes, or questions, or both. You're getting both. I see you in Italian Renaissance wear, probably as a result of your studies. Many colors--red, blue, green, over white silk chemise with puffs poking through the slashed sleeves. And a fun hair-veily bit, and some of your more exotic jewelry.

[ profile] shellaby, I think I answered this last night, but here goes. For you, either we go Empire-waist, Napoleonic era, with blue ribbons and fluttering white fabric, or more of a Belle of Amherst style, American 1800s look, in darker, unadorned, so your large eyes and lovely hair can shine.

Anonymous person "j", I know too many J's. Identify yo'self to me somehow!

[ profile] wavyarms, again, I can't tell if you want questions or costumes. I can't decide between virtual copies of the Eowyn costumes, or something more exotic. Yes. In "drag", menswear but with you obviously female and feminine. Russian cossack wear. Fluffy shirt, embroidery, high boots, reds and blacks, and your hair tied back in a black velvet ribbon.

Anonymous person "A", I know you! And here's what I think. Full Georgian fancy wear, a la _Ali_and_Nino_, headdress jingling, intricate embroidery, lots of garnets.

[ profile] ltlbird, you get to be in the 20th century! 40's style smoooooothness. Think Edith Head designs, showing off your shoulders and neck and the wonderful flip in your hair. Bias-cut satins. Foam green. Soft dove greys.

Stealthmuffin, a banded mail corset is not a good idea. The damn thing's already halfway there, anyway. I bet mine could stop a .22 bullet. No testing.

[ profile] sal_sal, I want to see your prom dress. But till then...hmm. I admit to having a hard time picturing you in a dress; partially, I have a hard time picturing you being *comfortable* dressed up. Let's start with a couple of options.
Lawyer Sal: Tailored Chanel suit, pumps, briefcase.
Jockey Sal: In a riding jacket, which have long tails, and jeans, and a jockey cap in blue.
I-Belong-In-LOTR Sal: Elfwear. No, really. Toss a coupla pointy ears on you, and you give Liv Tyler a run for it. So you get more leaf greens and light browns, not her grey--and definitely not Elrond's purple. Loose-fitting trousers, long shirt, tied sleeves, deerskin gloves with silver tooling.

That's it for right now. Any others? Next entry, I promise, will have info about my actual life.
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Today I take the genetic duplicate shopping. Or rather, we're going shopping together. H&M, DSW shoes, maybe Marshalls or TJ Maxx, maybe even--in preparation for Beefcake tonight, a supergirly thing like a Origins facial.

Quick definition. Beefcake: an evening when females gather to watch a movie featuring attractive men. Plot is optional. Estrogen reaches dangerous levels. Lots of fun. (Tonight, she's serving Strawberry Wobblers.)

Both elder sibling and I are, to put it nicely, wide-hipped. Enough so that we both have some "oh my gawd I am so fat" issues, justified or not. Now this tends to have consequences in what we wear: cover up, cuddly over sexy, comfort over style. (Plus I have a blind spot in my style is what happens to other people, as I said once.)

I'm kind of tired of that. Those who saw me in my short skirt may have figured that out. I'm starting to reach a point where, simultaneously, I don't care about looking stupid and I care more about my looks. How does that work? Well, I'm willing to risk looking foolish. I'm willing to risk showing my thighs. I'm willing to risk bad fashion in order to have fun with my clothes. At the same time, I'm wanting to look...less cuddly, less comfy, more stylish--but it's my own damn style. In other words, I'm dressing up and risking "that's so weird" in order to get "you look great!"

Of course there are exceptions...t-shirt and jeans will hold sway in my summer everyday for a while yet, I think...Or maybe not. There's a time and a place for comfort clothes. I find that my time for it is shrinking.

Don't expect spike heels and a bright pink powersuit. But I like discovering the fun in clothing!


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