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Apr. 5th, 2005 11:11 am
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Friday is my mom's birthday!

She recently got into graduate school for environmental management and land use. (She rules.) This means that 3/5 of the immediate family will be in school next year.

This also means that I'm getting her a Grad School Survival kit for her birthday!

Currently, this includes:
--College humor magazine or collection of "Piled Higher and Deeper" cartoons.
--Ramen noodles
--Index cards
--A Guide to Grad School, probably "Getting What You Came For"

I'm not certain what else to include. Any suggestions?

(Mr. Young, any ideas you have about what to give my mom will be duly ignored.)
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My mother is going back to grad school. (Everybody to get in school!) She's currently taking just one class, and she feels intimidated and nervous and ignorant. She's not. She's damned smart. I know, because she spawned me.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to encourage a mature student? What to say, what to emphasize or downplay?

I love my kickass mom.
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My youngest sibling, [ profile] sal_sal, will be graduating from highschool tomorrow afternoon. Today she just had her graduation party, and has since departed from the house to attend the parties of others.

In the meantime, DaMan and I have enjoyed the calm of Portland...I think he's getting a little bored, tho. Dad has made several not-entirely-joking jokes about how we're "not married yet". I like how we're living, and I'm not going to change it anytime soon. I think. But then, Dad always brings out the defensive side in me.

Some asides: Alison Moyet and Richard Cheese are indeed singers, one beautiful and lush, one horribly responsible for lounge covers of, say, Baby Got Back and Rock the Casbah.

Right now I'm scanning in [ profile] stealthmuffin's mini-comic, Dwarf and Ninja. In the next month or so, we hope to post it online. Current storylines include the hiring at NPC Casting Central, the elf strike, and a displacer kitten.

I think I'm going to use the rest of my post to talk about what I like about my youngest sibling. I don't care that she reads this. Everyone deserves an ego-session at some point, and what better time than graduation?

She's tough. She's smart. She's got poise, and an ability to talk to people from all parts of the school with ease. She's confident without being arrogant. Well, not really arrogant, anyway. She's athletic, pretty, and fun. She geeks out over Harry Potter with abandon. (kass and sanj, I have no idea what she thinks of your fics!) She's *giving a speech at commencement*! How cool is that? She's open to the weird music we throw at her, and she returns with strange Japanese battle movies...that I do want to see, Sal, just not this weekend with the 'rents. She's pragmatic and used to shrugging off comments that would irritate the heck out of me. She insults DaMan, and does it well. She seems remarkably together and stable and mature for her age; I went through a kind of regression and got depressive and bitchy for a few years there. She has Escher on her walls. She drives. She basically just plain rules.

Mad props to my sibling, [ profile] sal_sal. Congratulations to her, and good luck in the summer and the freshman year.
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With great glee, bouncing, and manaiacal laughter, I am extremely proud to introduce...

[ profile] stealthmuffin


[ profile] thomascantor

Also known as Genetic Duplicate and Organ Boy! *ahem*
And don't believe her userinfo. We're all "the buggy ones".
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Hilton Head.

What a strange place. I have never been in a resort town for any length of time before, and the...constructed...nature of it was jarring. Not quite "artificial", but...constructed. Gated. Supercleaned; superniced, but not Stepford nice.

We didn't really go anywhere else. After a delayed flight (Delta broke its computers), we got in at 4am on Sunday, and spent most of that day in a happy daze. DaMan's family is wonderful. I learned that you're not really family until you've gotten into a trivial argument with his mom (in my case, Boggle-based). His nieces and nephews kept us busy, both running around and interpreting their crazy moon language. The youngest is just approaching actual words, after "mama" and "dada".

We got second choice on the bedrooms, since we were the last ones there. This meant we had two twin beds. I kept thinking of Ozzie and Harriet...or whatever sitcom couples had separate beds...Anyway, we defied this arrangement, which led to awkward sleeping positions and knotted necks, but comfy cuddling. Dammit, if we made it through twin beds in college, we can do so for a week, right? Wrong. Must...take...over...entire...bed!

On the beach, there were jellyfish. We poked them with a stick when we thought they were the stingy kind, then poked them with our hands when we learned they were inert. They're really cool and gross. And kind of sad, when there are fifty or more washed up on the beach, and already dead before they reach the sand. But we still poked them. Rubbery and weird. My inner 7-year-old was pleased.

We played DanceDanceRevolution while at an arcade! I loved it, but it totally kicked my hinder when we tried levels beyond 'beginner'. I didn't think I'd even make it through that...I wonder if there is a home version, and if my neighbors would mind.

Mini-golf in a golfing resort is excruciatingly dull. Putting practice, essentially. Not a single windmill, alligator, or mermaid in the whole course. I must return to the Berkshires!!

DaMan and I walked on the beach while the moon rose. At first we didn't recognize it--so red, so strange peering up over the horizon. Then we simply watched it rise. Bright lights are forbidden on the beach (because of nesting turtles) so it was very dark and very beautiful, and the light of the moon dimmed even the Summer Triangle. High tide, and the waves reached almost to our toes where we stood. How beautiful life is.

More costumes later. And Anonymous J, "monkeys" could mean just about any of my friends, I'm afraid...I am dull at guessing....
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I’m in Hilton Head right now, soon to return…so my access to LJ is pretty limited. When I return, expect a full entry involving:
--Moonrise on the beach
--Poking things with a stick
--Squashy jellyfish (see above re: stick)
--Japanese steakhouses
--Why I still don’t get American Idol
--Why I will never get The Swan
--Familial traits
--Language skills
--Sixties-tv-couple sleeping arrangements and the ensuing cramps
--Why Dance Dance Revolution is the awesomest thing in the arcade

In the meantime, I amused myself one early morning by completing some questions that [ profile] ppaladin sent me. It’s the standard Five Questions meme, but I lost the rules, so I think I’m actually breaking them by not posting them verbatim. Foo.

1. Post in my comments section if you want to be ‘interviewed’ by me.
2. Answer the questions, then
3. Post your answers, and the real rules, in your journal, and
4. Ask questions of anyone who wants them.

Read more... )


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