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I have just been informed that I will be able to stop on my way home tonight and get tasty lamb korma.

(to the tune of "Lola")
K-OR-M-A Kor-ma!
Kor-Kor-Kor-Kor Kor-Maaa!

...You should see what happens when I get papadums.
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This is all your fault, [ profile] fairoriana.

I spent my lunch break on a bench in the Quad in the sunlight. Today's lunch consisted of a Heath Bar Blizzard.

Spring must really be here.
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Mocksgiving. So full of turkey and pie, tasty tasty pie...curse your devilish cookery ways, [ profile] fairoriana and [ profile] rolypolypony!! One of the best Mocks's I've been to, with many fun people and new friends!

Meanwhile, here are some brain-eating links for you to follow.

Hey, he's stopped twitching.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must let the tryptophans take over.
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I am having visions of baked apples. But all the recipes I can find are for baked apples stuffed with something sweet. No, I want savory baked apples; hollowed slightly, with the insides chopped finely and mixed with sausage and onion, sauteed, then stuffed back in and baked all together till they're nice and tender and yummy.

But I can't find this kind of recipe. And I don't know if this is even feasible as a recipe; will the apples fall apart? does this taste like crap in actuality?

Anyone have suggestions? Besides "go stick your head in a pig". Didn't work.
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Update 1:
He's here. I am so happy I can't stop smiling. I made him eat cheese curds. He says they're not bad, but the squeek is distressing; as if with every bite, they cry out against their fate.

Update 2:
No word from the Red Cross, but I've decided not to take the caseworker position if it's offered to me. Further discussion at a later time.

Update 3:
We also enjoyed ButterBurgers. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmbutter.
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I spent the entire day yesterday at Six Flags Great America.

First a note of great sadness for absent friends, both those near and far to Wisconsin, who couldn't make it. We shall have to do similarly silly things another time. Soon.

Now, on to the best of it.

Thesis statement: Roller coasters may not be better than sex, but the best ones are damn close.

1. Riding the American Eagle (standard wooden roller coaster, backwards and forwards tracks) backwards in the very last seat, so all you see are the tracks wooshing out in front of you.
2. Getting my head smacked around in the Iron Wolf standing ride. Not overall good.
3. Being a scared little wussy girl and not riding the Superman ride, which suspends you and has you going headfirst--a la Superman, duh--through many loops. I don't like resting all my weight on my chest or on the harness. Just don't like it.
4. Riding the Raging Bull twice. Twice. Twice. Yes! Yes! The longest drop in the park, the longest RIDE in the park, and the best spins and turns possible. So very very good. And the second time we rode it was at night.
5. Lines that are less than fortyfive minutes make everything better.
6. Did I mention we rode the Raging Bull twice?

A. Funnel cakes.
B. Caramel apples.
C. Churros.
D. Sodee-pop.

In conclusion: Roller coasters make me very very happy. I must now conserve my neck and back such that I can ride them until I am eighty.

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a little sozzled, but wishing to share the joy with others out there. many happy returns of Daylight Savings to you all. and never put a peep in a margarita, even if it's a frescarita.
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1 loaf pound cake
1 quart coffee ice cream
1 bottle your favorite liqueur (Bailey's and Kahlua are recommended)

Place saran wrap in loaf pan, covering sides and bottom. Cut cake into slices. Arrange some slices, covering bottom of pan. Drizzle booze on top. Spread coffee ice cream over cake. Arrange more slices into another layer. Drizzle booze. Spread ice cream. Continue until out of cake. Freeze for at least one day; booze takes a while.

Invert loaf pan over plate. Remove pan and saran wrap. Slice into slabs and serve as tasty frozen coffee sweet boozy snack.

Serves many.


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