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I thought I was going to write a Thankful Thursdays list like [ profile] fairoriana, but instead I find myself simply wanting to share moments from my day. Here you go, then, a small string of beautiful bits.

--Realizing, in my first ever German class, that I know far more German words than I had ever thought. Mein Name ist E! Plus I learned the word Zwilling.

--Sitting and catching up with [ profile] ltlbird this evening over tasty rendang and boba tea. Wish her well and good health!

--Coming up the stairs tonight and smelling baked bread. Someone in this building is doing baking tonight; the air is yeasty and rich with the wonderful scent of bread.

--The small noises our Ooblet makes when I enter the apartment and she's obviously just woken up at my approach.

--A mug of Bailey's. Not full, just a little bit.

My love to those of you who are tired or sad tonight; the mojo candle continues to burn in your name. My love also to those of you who are silly and happy or simply content. Good night. And sheep.
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I Got In.

Both Harvard and University of Chicago have admitted me!
Harvard's offering me serious grant-age and loan-age too!

I got in!

(entry being cut short for sheer volume of celebration)

pros, cons

Jan. 23rd, 2005 03:17 pm
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Worrying about friends who are driving or might be driving today.
Slight cabin fever.
Cancellation of the Dinosaur Annex concert, which had some very cool pieces.
Not being entirely certain what to do with this time I suddenly have.
Occasional drafts.

DDR with DaMan.
Watching DaMan play Metroid Prime: Echoes and going "ooo, are you gonna shoot that one too?"
Re-reading a graphic novel.
Hustling down the fresh-plowed streets to the Store 24, picking up ingredients.
Choosing to use this present of time to make chocolate chip cookies. And maybe ice cream, too.
The Lappy being on its way, eventually.
The bright, bright light in every window, filling the apartment.
Being home during Oob's affectionate hours.

Chocolate chip cookies await me! I shall free them from their ingredient-y state!


Dec. 14th, 2004 01:15 pm
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More good things:

1) My reading assignment for Sociology is awesome. "Competing Devotions: Work and Family among Women Executives"; more as I finish it.

2) My UChicago application went in today. No more worrying! Well, now I move to an entirely different kind of worrying! I will now accept ideas for the "Celebrate Embly/Console Embly" party, to happen sometime in March after I get a thin or thick envelope.

3) I have a name plate. It's shiny, and it has my name on it, and it's shiny.
Damn, but I feel executive.

It's a good day so far; may some of this happy pass to all of you. (Especially the part that is not caffeine-derived.)


Dec. 14th, 2004 07:16 am
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I turned away from my computer and finished my breakfast, then got up to take my dishes to the kitchen.

The light streaming in through every window stopped me cold. The city is pink and lavender and gold and blue and gray; the leafless tree outside my window is burning bright against the shadowed street.

Thank you for this day.
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Why do I love these pants?

Because they love me back.

They're black, jean-cut, my first-ever boot-cut style. They have silver and black embroidery at the cuffs. I kept looking down and thinking I'd brushed up against the cat.

Most of all, though...they fit like no other pant has ever dared to fit. They ride lower on my waist than any other pair (yes, I know I'm hike-your-pants-up queen), and they are slightly stretchy, so they hug my hips and thighs without squeezing or constricting. Just...hugging.

How can you not love clothes that hug you?

In other news, Mom sent me a Wembley doll! From Fraggle Rock, remember? And he's my Wembley!
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I think I went outside once this weekend, for approximately twenty minutes. (To the Osco for sorely needed supplies.) Since Thursday afternoon I have inhabited this apartment. And it has been perfect.

A superfluity (hee! new word!) of snackage leftover from the party; a stack of productive things to do, many of which were done; a cat that's starting to remember that Mommy does things other than feed her. The majority of the time was spent in two pursuits: Cleaning, unpacking, and rearranging my room into a usable workspace (still have to finesse the sewing machine location, but hey...); and sitting on the couch with DaMan, knitting or just watching as he plays a new Gamecube game. Long lazy mornings with a full double bed. Books I'd forgotten that I own.

And tonight we watched Punch-Drunk Love. I had no idea Adam Sandler was that good an actor. It was touching and beautiful and more real that 99.5% of romantic comedies out there.

This week I do the job-searchy and temp-working action. But this weekend, I have been warm and hugged and purred at and loved.
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I spent the entire day yesterday at Six Flags Great America.

First a note of great sadness for absent friends, both those near and far to Wisconsin, who couldn't make it. We shall have to do similarly silly things another time. Soon.

Now, on to the best of it.

Thesis statement: Roller coasters may not be better than sex, but the best ones are damn close.

1. Riding the American Eagle (standard wooden roller coaster, backwards and forwards tracks) backwards in the very last seat, so all you see are the tracks wooshing out in front of you.
2. Getting my head smacked around in the Iron Wolf standing ride. Not overall good.
3. Being a scared little wussy girl and not riding the Superman ride, which suspends you and has you going headfirst--a la Superman, duh--through many loops. I don't like resting all my weight on my chest or on the harness. Just don't like it.
4. Riding the Raging Bull twice. Twice. Twice. Yes! Yes! The longest drop in the park, the longest RIDE in the park, and the best spins and turns possible. So very very good. And the second time we rode it was at night.
5. Lines that are less than fortyfive minutes make everything better.
6. Did I mention we rode the Raging Bull twice?

A. Funnel cakes.
B. Caramel apples.
C. Churros.
D. Sodee-pop.

In conclusion: Roller coasters make me very very happy. I must now conserve my neck and back such that I can ride them until I am eighty.

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They say it's my birthday:
Happy birthday to me.
They say it's my birthday:
I'm going to have a good time.

(And with a day that has so far included: setting up a hammock, briefly driving a big red truck named Clifford, The Solitary Cyclist, two books finished, family and sibling calling and celebrating--and the day promises to include: pesto chicken with peppers, a full bottle of Yellowtail Shiraz, a pint of Phish Food, more Jeremy Brett, and a long happy call with DaMan--I am indeed, having a good time!)

Now go wish [ profile] stealthmuffin a good time!

We shall party upon my return!
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7/3, 9pm
Entry 1—Just out of Syracuse, on our way to Rochester…

It’s just about firework time, and I’m missing them a great deal. I have less of [Bad username or site: ”fairoriana” @]’s love for the light-them-yourself kind, and more of a passionate love for the huge outdoor variety.
So much of fireworks is linked with being out of town. I can barely remember the halfassed display that Boston puts on at its Esplanade hoopla. Big woop. The city already makes so much light that you miss the deep, deep darkness that fireworks deserve, and Keith Lockhart and his Pops keep ftweeing away.
No, it’s the fireworks in the small town that tears at me. Home, of course, and the wooden grandstands, and Grammy Ronald, I think, waiting with me for the sun to go down. So many years of those, and throwing temper tantrums when it stormed.
Also Peterborough, NH, and the Conval School display. All the mosquitoes, and lying on blankets.
And most close, most recent, most dear perhaps, Oneonta, NY. DaMan came out to Cooperstown for the holiday weekend, and we went down to watch the fireworks and laugh. We braved crowds, picked a likely target, and hugged the whole way through it.
I don’t know what about them affects me so. I ooh and ahh, stripped of irony or selfconsciousness. The sheer glory of the bursts of sparks has me transported. When a year goes by that I don’t see fireworks, I feel gypped. Or worse—as if I’ve let a precious thing break or leave.

So now I find myself watching the sky as we travel through upstate New York, (when I’m not typing, that is), waiting for a burst of gold or blue.

Mile-wide sea urchins. Stars spinning and whistling. Bright flares that are nothing but BANG! Big long draping ones, where the sparks droop so far you worry about the trees. Ones that split into three or four or five separate explosions.

We are often horribly cruel to each other, and terrible to the earth itself; and then we manage to make stars,

Somewhere, I’m still five years old and staring at the sky.
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Restarted game after a three-week hiatus, and it was good. The kind of in-game moral boost that feels riiiiiight, some investigative work and preparation, and a nice cliffhanger to tide them over. And everyone was roleplaying well; an ex-paladin's moral crisis, a half-elf flippant and a half-elf sneaky; both caring and silliness from the priest; and a good mix of indignation and self-importance from the bard.

Plus, some of my favorite NPCs made guest appearances.

Eventually, in the next month or so, I hope to post the Dwarf and Ninja series. This is [ profile] stealthmuffin's doodles of a gaming comic, complete with displacer kitten.

Thanks for listening to my academiangst. You can ignore entries like that, if you wish; or maybe I should just privatize them. Core dumps of that nature, where I take a bundle of insecurities and just plop it on the keyboard, are extremely cathartic.

And, like [ profile] fairoriana, I have many things to be thankful for. It's not Thursday yet, but here are a few:

--Working in quiet and peace with acute concentration
--That feeling of accomplishment from crossing off the to-do list
--Intelligent, argumentative people, even if I can't always appreciate them.
--Alison Moyet.
--Richard Cheese.
--Order of the Stick.
--Health of body and mind, stability of job and life, loves and friendships.
--Being alive, in general.
--Cinnamon tic-tacs. Yes, it's whiplash from "being alive."
--My silver astrolabe
--Good gaming
--An active imagination and the ability to pull things out of nowhere and have it work. Usually. In conjunction with adequate preparation.
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Hilton Head.

What a strange place. I have never been in a resort town for any length of time before, and the...constructed...nature of it was jarring. Not quite "artificial", but...constructed. Gated. Supercleaned; superniced, but not Stepford nice.

We didn't really go anywhere else. After a delayed flight (Delta broke its computers), we got in at 4am on Sunday, and spent most of that day in a happy daze. DaMan's family is wonderful. I learned that you're not really family until you've gotten into a trivial argument with his mom (in my case, Boggle-based). His nieces and nephews kept us busy, both running around and interpreting their crazy moon language. The youngest is just approaching actual words, after "mama" and "dada".

We got second choice on the bedrooms, since we were the last ones there. This meant we had two twin beds. I kept thinking of Ozzie and Harriet...or whatever sitcom couples had separate beds...Anyway, we defied this arrangement, which led to awkward sleeping positions and knotted necks, but comfy cuddling. Dammit, if we made it through twin beds in college, we can do so for a week, right? Wrong. Must...take...over...entire...bed!

On the beach, there were jellyfish. We poked them with a stick when we thought they were the stingy kind, then poked them with our hands when we learned they were inert. They're really cool and gross. And kind of sad, when there are fifty or more washed up on the beach, and already dead before they reach the sand. But we still poked them. Rubbery and weird. My inner 7-year-old was pleased.

We played DanceDanceRevolution while at an arcade! I loved it, but it totally kicked my hinder when we tried levels beyond 'beginner'. I didn't think I'd even make it through that...I wonder if there is a home version, and if my neighbors would mind.

Mini-golf in a golfing resort is excruciatingly dull. Putting practice, essentially. Not a single windmill, alligator, or mermaid in the whole course. I must return to the Berkshires!!

DaMan and I walked on the beach while the moon rose. At first we didn't recognize it--so red, so strange peering up over the horizon. Then we simply watched it rise. Bright lights are forbidden on the beach (because of nesting turtles) so it was very dark and very beautiful, and the light of the moon dimmed even the Summer Triangle. High tide, and the waves reached almost to our toes where we stood. How beautiful life is.

More costumes later. And Anonymous J, "monkeys" could mean just about any of my friends, I'm afraid...I am dull at guessing....
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--Trees in full bloom. Magnolias, white and graceful and huge; crabapples, pink and frothy.
--Birds building nests in the neighbor's trees.
--Purple hats.
--Siblings who are Prom Royalty; in case anyone missed the earlier post, the youngest of the three of us is nominated for the Prom Court! I cannot describe how cool that is. Mostly because I'm not there.
--Knowing I'm going to see her soon, and getting to harangue her at her graditation party. You want a pappasan chair for college, [ profile] sal_sal?
--Going to community tea at the Div School.
--MrDaMan cooking dinner tonight...he is a fine, fine cook. And he goes well with olive oil and shallots.
--Brief running-game overload, from the Wednesday Night regulars and from a Cthulhu two-shot that got started last night.
--A workday that went quickly.
--A virtual sheep named Puffy.
--Stealthmuffin's novel.
--Wearing lots of silver jewelry and looking classy.

oom! pah!

Mar. 30th, 2004 12:41 pm
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Following my friend Brenda's tradition of Thankful Thursdays, I'm putting together a list of small wonders and happinesses encountered recently.

**A sousaphonist in Park Street T. Not your usual busker! Playing "If I Only Had a Brain". I wished for Boutros-Boutros just so I could introduce him to the concept of sousafish.
**Playing Confirm and Deny with MrTheMan. It's from an Eddie Izzard routine, and he's too damn good at it.
**The beastie in the Berkshires likes me. She rumbles really loud when I pet her.
**The Oob continues to lose weight, and has gotten cuter in her methods of waking me in the morning. Today I opened my eyes after the snooze went off, and was staring directly into big eyes and a cold, wet nose. Awww.
**Shibori! Shibori is sooo cool. I might have to buy something and dye it. It's a Japanese form of tie-dyeing, where you stitch and gather in patterns in order to have strange but regular designs.
**The joy in teaching others a skill I have.
**The greater joy in seeing an enthusiasm for a new hobby develop in others.
**Blue fingernails. CoooOOOooool. Okay, so the hot tub owners don't think so, but it's an everyday occurrence for them. I think it's awesome.
**Dilated pupils. I had an eye exam this morning, and now I look REALLY interested in what people are saying to me. It's a little uncomfortable-light hurts a bit-but I like these gentle sensory alterations.
**Having the effect of said pupils start to wear off just as I need to start a paper.
**Grey daylight in the morning.

And here's a couple of book recommendations:

Seven Theories of Religion by Daniel Pals. Nice intro text for anyone trying to get a handle on just what various folks have thought about religion and why. Offers background, support, summation, analysis, and critique of seven thinkers: Frazer (the Golden Bough guy), Freud, Marx, Durkheim, Eliade, Evans-Pritchard and Geertz.

Lenore: Noogies and Lenore: Wedgies by Roman Dirge. Comic about a little dead girl. V. sick. V.v. sick. Also v. funny. Lenore doesn't have much tolerance for things like lawn gnomes, her button-eyed ex-boyfriend, and evil toilet monsters trying to eat her head.

For that matter, neither do I.


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