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This seems like an interesting cause. It's a project to make online games accessible to pediatric inpatients, so that they can meet, connect with, and play against other sick kids in other hospitals.

"HOPE gives chronically ill children the opportunity to escape stresses inherent in their conditions by providing distraction through gaming and comfort via peer contact. Through our virtual world we are able to ameliorate depression, reduce perceived pain, and improve the quality of our patients’ lives.

We believe that children forced by circumstance to sit in hospitals enduring tests, fear, and uncertainty should be given access to the very best in interactive entertainment and education. They should be allowed and encouraged to explore other worlds, meet new people, and engage in mentally challenging quests. Most importantly, they should have a great time doing these things. Our goal is to allow every child with a debilitating ailment to captain a virtual football team, slay virtual dragons, and learn to build and maintain valuable community relationships. It’s as simple, and as ambitious, as that."


Mar. 1st, 2005 10:14 am
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I am spending the entire morning working with Mudpuppy my Frankenbeanie

a ha ha ha! Gotta love high cubes.

EDIT: Boss just saw me. Eep!
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Perhaps, a la [ profile] fairoriana's Thankful Thursdays, I should do Freaky Fridays. But these aren't that freaky...this time...

--My boss offered a memento mori to me when I was running around at top bionic speed yesterday: "Nobody writes 'She was a good worker' on your tombstone." (Actually, I'm hoping for "Put not your trust in anvils".)

--I saw a woman with a Hello Kitty hat yesterday. At first it was cute; the hat is shaped like Hello Kitty's head, and has little cute eyes and little cute ears, and has a red turnback around the bottom. Then my perception sidestepped, and it looked like Hello Kitty Chupacabra was glommed on to the top of this woman's head and eating her brains. I can only wonder what she thought as my eyes bugged out and I started giggling.

--Anyone notice how the "hating stupid people" idea is pretty pervasive? "Stupid" seems to equal "lacking common sense"...which usually equals "seeing things the way I do". It feels as if that's present in many debates, both political and cultural, lately: the other side isn't just wrong, they're stupid (or worse, they've been fooled).

--I need to make a speech bubble for Mudpuppy my Frankenbeanie, so that he can say various things.

--Located through friendsfriends: Manolo Shoes. No, really. Read his entry on the Day of the San Valentino. Do not be the skate of cheap if you are a man who has the woman in his life, says Manolo. Also good for the occasional cattiness.

I think that's all for the moment. Any other freakish friday stuff?

mmm...Hello Kitty Chupacabra...


Dec. 14th, 2004 01:15 pm
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More good things:

1) My reading assignment for Sociology is awesome. "Competing Devotions: Work and Family among Women Executives"; more as I finish it.

2) My UChicago application went in today. No more worrying! Well, now I move to an entirely different kind of worrying! I will now accept ideas for the "Celebrate Embly/Console Embly" party, to happen sometime in March after I get a thin or thick envelope.

3) I have a name plate. It's shiny, and it has my name on it, and it's shiny.
Damn, but I feel executive.

It's a good day so far; may some of this happy pass to all of you. (Especially the part that is not caffeine-derived.)
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As you might be able to tell from previous posts, there's going to be a lot of turnover in my office. To me, this means that I need to spread the word about the Harvard jobs website.

Good jobs, good pay, only exploitive if you let them (after turnover I start counting my hours scrupulously), and usually good people. My office's jobs are drops in the bucket compared to the number listed here.

(A note to close friends: I honestly don't know how well I would work with someone who was also my close friend. Probably a bad idea, but apply nonetheless if you want it.)

And as for [ profile] stealthmuffin, the two of us in one office is the textbook definition of a Bad Idea.


Dec. 7th, 2004 08:35 am
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Dear boss,

When I ask you what I need to do for the next day's meeting, and you say "just be on hand for emergencies", I tend to assume that means "just be on hand for emergencies." Please don't assume that I know the several small duties that must be done (by me) for this meeting to happen.

Especially if a) I have never attended said meeting; b) you have never informed me of these duties.

I learn a lot by osmosis. Please do not assume I learn everything.

Thank you. Now get some goddamn sleep so you can function.
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State of the office:

Originally, there are five people at work here: M, C, P, A, and J.

In July, J and A left and were replaced by temps. One of the temps was me. (even though I came on in September.) I replaced A.

In November, P leaves and I take over his duties, still handling some of A's. New temp comes in to replace the old temp, who found a cool job at WGBH.

In December, M will be leaving, and her replacement is not yet identified. Since she is the head of the office, that's a little troubling. She'll be in Peru for January, so not exactly in contact with us.

Yesterday, C told me that he's got a good job offer at Harvard-Over-the-River and will probably be taking it.

That means that, as [ profile] fairoriana put it last night, I'm the continuity. I am, as C put it, the last man standing.

*looney toons ostrich* Awk! They left me all alone!

Perhaps this is a good time to implement my "Tenure Hat" plan!
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Part 1. I just woke up. This is beautiful. Even on weekends I can't sleep past 9.
Part 2. The National Weather Service is getting freaky with its announcements. Today is going to have "the first widespread winter event" (what is that? a snowflake debutante's ball statewide?), with "a mixed bag of winter weather". Cool. I think I might finally be ready.

Part 3. The reason I can sleep in, watch Zim, clean my room and work on my essays is that today is Veteran's Day, and it's a Harvard holiday. So thank you Harvard for having so many holidays in your standard calendar, first.

And thank you to the men and women, past and present, who serve in the military. Lady knows I don't agree with the decisions about where to send you, or how to use your skills, but I am thankful for your service, and you deserve better than the misappropriated funds and poor contracting that has gone into your support. Thank you to those who've passed on, from all the prior wars, for offering your lives.

I was given this day off because it was marked as a day to think about war and what those who have fought in them have done. This has been my first thought.
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Nightmarish conference call this morning.

Still don't know what I did wrong.
How did I manage to put X in conference with the hold music from Emory University? How did I manage to completely disconnect Y? And what the heck happened when I hung up?

Phooey. I need a cuppa Bailey's and a place to nest and read my novel. Not gonna happen till the end of the day.

A big woot to all exam-takers, costume-makers, and donut-bakers! You make me happy even in the midst of my Homsar-like AaaaaAAAaaaAAA-ing!
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They want me to stay at this job. And they want to hire me as soon as they can. It's not a done deal, because they have to post it and consider other applicants. And they're cool with me going to grad school if I get in. And they have offered to help me buff my resume and cover letter--after all, it's what one of my bosses does as her job.

And the pay grade is three grades higher than ART.

Which translates (factoring in the year-round non-seasonal nature of the job) to at least $7K more annually than I made as a costumer.

And I'd be fully insured again.

Excuse me while I do the happy dance!
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at least for the moment!

I have a month-long position at a Harvard school for all of September, with an option to extend on the 30th. (As [ profile] anacrucis put it, "I'm like office supplies. They get to decide if they want to order more of me.") Pay is not exceptional, but that would change if this becomes permanent. Good hours, even though they might make getting to class a bit difficult.


Now I can forget about stressing about employment, and stress about making a good impression!
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--I reopened my file with John Leonard Temps yesterday, and they had a job for me today. Sadly, I'm too quick with data entry; my work was over by three. Well, it means more contracts in the future, right?

--Sent out four more applications to Hahvahd jobs. Hooking up with Spherion on Thursday, but ultimately, the purpose of this year is to break things and kill people do something interesting or make money. So Hahvahd does not need to be any part of that.

--Thanks for the name suggestions! The characters will be put together tonight, whilst DaMan putters or composes or plays on the GameCube.

--And now I get a cricket bat! )


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