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Here we are at the close of the year.

The moon is full on Christmas night... )From here the days are longer and the light is greater, and the snow around us serves as blanket and sleep. Sleep well until I see you again.
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My laptop is...contrary.
Occasionally, power flow to the keyboard will just stop dead. Apparently all it needs is either a) time to rest, or b)a good whack.

Anyway. Here's the entry I was writing when it died, died, died.

I've been fairly anxious about posting this meme, because it is, in effect, asking for stuff. And I dislike the idea of begging, or *strongly hinting*...

...but, really, I love the feeling of being able to act on someone else's wishlist. ([ profile] 2h2o, you will have some cds to claim!) And so I want to see more of them. With tangible or intangible wishes, with stuff I can help with and stuff I can't...

Anyway. Here is the wishlist meme! Read more... )
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I have a dilemma.

For a while, I've wanted to use the Heifer Foundation's practice of giving a charitable donation in place of an actual gift. Specifically, I want to buy a sheep in honor of my friends. (Sheep! Yay!) However, I know that the actual moment of unwrapping something that someone thought of for you and you alone is also rewarding, and sometimes far more important than the actual gift.

How do you think people would react if I bought a sheep instead of giving lots of presents?

I don't know how I'd respond if it were me. I think I'd feel selfish and feel bad about feeling selfish, knowing the recursion cycles of my brain. I think I'd probably still kinda want a thing.

But if I bought a sheep in honor of my friends, and then got small--very small, probably--things on a personal level, is that okay, or is it still cheap?

It's awkward because this year I have the disposable income to actually purchase said sheep. (Or a llama! Lllllama!) Never was able to do more than "a share of a sheep" before, and that's just kind of gruesome.
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Mocksgiving. So full of turkey and pie, tasty tasty pie...curse your devilish cookery ways, [ profile] fairoriana and [ profile] rolypolypony!! One of the best Mocks's I've been to, with many fun people and new friends!

Meanwhile, here are some brain-eating links for you to follow.

Hey, he's stopped twitching.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must let the tryptophans take over.
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Part 1. I just woke up. This is beautiful. Even on weekends I can't sleep past 9.
Part 2. The National Weather Service is getting freaky with its announcements. Today is going to have "the first widespread winter event" (what is that? a snowflake debutante's ball statewide?), with "a mixed bag of winter weather". Cool. I think I might finally be ready.

Part 3. The reason I can sleep in, watch Zim, clean my room and work on my essays is that today is Veteran's Day, and it's a Harvard holiday. So thank you Harvard for having so many holidays in your standard calendar, first.

And thank you to the men and women, past and present, who serve in the military. Lady knows I don't agree with the decisions about where to send you, or how to use your skills, but I am thankful for your service, and you deserve better than the misappropriated funds and poor contracting that has gone into your support. Thank you to those who've passed on, from all the prior wars, for offering your lives.

I was given this day off because it was marked as a day to think about war and what those who have fought in them have done. This has been my first thought.
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The Halloween party last night was wonderful. (Hugs to those who were unable to come!) With a surprise appearance by [ profile] nadyezhda and [ profile] haak0n, lots of good books and good characters. There were several moments when I introduced people by LJ names as well as real ones...and got quite a few a-ha! results.

Theme of the party was books! People dressed up as book characters, then brought a book to lend out, and went home with somebody else's. [ profile] anu3bis had a beautiful Dream/Sandman mask; A was resplendent as Scarlett O'Hara; I bounced around at [ profile] g_me being Anne of Green Gables; DaMan went in bathrobe, pajamas, and book with "DON'T PANIC" written on it... know, everyone's costumes were pretty damned cool! The ones from books I hadn't read (T, with fire lizards and bandaged feet) made me want to read more, and the classics were inspiring. ([ profile] cute_fuzzy_evil as Dame Alysoun, in red kirtle...and her husband wearing a sign saying "Hi, my name is BATH") And I really did have a brief heart-stop moment when [ profile] skarppsey took off his innocuous white jester's mask to reveal the Red Death beneath.

T taught us a new game called Celebrity Salad, which was a lot of fun. (How the hell do you describe "Detective Lenny Briscoe" in one word? I love the man, and I still don't know!) We also played two rounds of Oracle.

And there was hot buttered rum, and ice cream, and tildae, and evil popcorn balls, and just good fun.


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