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Feeling very silly right now. You see, they MAILED the admission decision this morning.

But they DON'T release admission decision information over the phone. I still don't know if Harvard wants me.

So I am waiting for the skinny letter or the fat letter, over the next few days.

In a way, it's all right--the tension of calling was twisting my gut in knots. Now it's something that I will surprise me.

Thank you to those who've sent me good mojo today; I needed it, and I'm happy to know you're thinking of me. As soon as I know, I'll post...but that remains in the hands of the US postal service.

Thank you to those who have been infinitely patient with my drama queen-ing; I promise, just a couple days more.

It seems somehow right that today I saw my first spring crocus.
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I am USELESS today.

All I can think of is [ profile] sen_no_ongaku traveling through the Midwest. Not in a worrywart, scared-for-his-safety kind of way. But in anticipation and frustration, counting every damn hour till he gets here! I feel as if I were in junior high again, watching the clock tick bit by bit toward 3:35, and every minute just…goes…on…forever…

I stare at the clock and think “Where he is, it’s 6:40 now.” I fidget. I don’t have a book that’s begging to distract me; I can’t browse online for more than 10 minutes; all the games on my computer are stale; everything else requires a focus of thought that is beyond my current abilities.

Useless, I tell you. Fidget, fidget, fidget
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I have been planning to start writing about, well, religion and god-talk and ”such.” )

You see, I had planned to write that. Then Saturday happened. After working in the morning, then three hours of Harvest Moon (oooo, shiny box tells me stories…and my sheep Puffy is almost ready for clipping!), we decided to finally watch “The Ring”. After about a year of renting it, putting it off, returning it unwatched. Tonight, we actually watched it.

Or rather, MrTheMan watched all but the last thirty seconds, and I had my face firmly planted in a pillow for about forty percent of the movie. I couldn’t even see the first fifteen minutes. I was crying from fear. This movie affected me more than Mulholland Drive, Session Nine, The Kingdom…It hit all my major fear buttons. Something unnatural in the home; something set in the most normal of places capable of turning menacing, deadly, evil without notice.

Lesson learned: Evil leaves voicemails. Never, ever, ever watch TV.

Now we are watching Space Ghost, trying to scrub our brains clean enough to sleep. I’m sitting here with my tank top unzipped, sipping Drambuie to put myself into a mild stupor. Drambuie, for those who haven’t experienced its glory, is like rum laced with honey and made even better. But it’s pretty strong. I have also rediscovered that my defense mechanism, when truly scared, is to babble like a moron.

Tonight, and probably most of the next week, we sleep with the lights on.


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