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I have just trivia'd.

next time, I will do so for the full night, and I will do so in the Berkshires.

tonight, however, the wonderful [ profile] shellaby and [ profile] ppaladin hosted! and so, we were nine naked men.

nine naked men.
just walking down the road.

okay. just click here for understanding. and nudity. not for work, really.
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Today I take the genetic duplicate shopping. Or rather, we're going shopping together. H&M, DSW shoes, maybe Marshalls or TJ Maxx, maybe even--in preparation for Beefcake tonight, a supergirly thing like a Origins facial.

Quick definition. Beefcake: an evening when females gather to watch a movie featuring attractive men. Plot is optional. Estrogen reaches dangerous levels. Lots of fun. (Tonight, she's serving Strawberry Wobblers.)

Both elder sibling and I are, to put it nicely, wide-hipped. Enough so that we both have some "oh my gawd I am so fat" issues, justified or not. Now this tends to have consequences in what we wear: cover up, cuddly over sexy, comfort over style. (Plus I have a blind spot in my style is what happens to other people, as I said once.)

I'm kind of tired of that. Those who saw me in my short skirt may have figured that out. I'm starting to reach a point where, simultaneously, I don't care about looking stupid and I care more about my looks. How does that work? Well, I'm willing to risk looking foolish. I'm willing to risk showing my thighs. I'm willing to risk bad fashion in order to have fun with my clothes. At the same time, I'm wanting to look...less cuddly, less comfy, more stylish--but it's my own damn style. In other words, I'm dressing up and risking "that's so weird" in order to get "you look great!"

Of course there are exceptions...t-shirt and jeans will hold sway in my summer everyday for a while yet, I think...Or maybe not. There's a time and a place for comfort clothes. I find that my time for it is shrinking.

Don't expect spike heels and a bright pink powersuit. But I like discovering the fun in clothing!


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