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Watching a play at American Players Theater is unlike any other event. Of course, there are the theatrical pluses: excellent acting, beautiful costumes, etc, etc...but the best part is the setting itself.

Last night I watched "The London Assurance", an 1840s comedy about fashion and manners. I expected to be indifferent; usually that stuff is dry and dull or loaded with childish humor. I loved it. Not only for the plummiest accents ever (haw!), but the actual story was good and fun. The actors were wonderful, playing the aging fop or the bouncing huntress or her doddering husband with great glee. (And the lawyer, Meddle, was excellent--padded butt and everything.)

Last week I saw "Twelfth Night", which has sparked some thinking about how Shakespeare views mockery. I'll ruminate on it further in another post, but to anyone who has seen it--how do _you_ regard Malvolio at the end, especially his "I'll be revenged on the whole pack of you" threat, or the weak apology that Belch makes in saying that it was all done in jest, not for harm.

Plus Orsino, Viola, Olivia, and Sebastian were all damn fun. And in a couple of cases, damned hot. Phew!

Again, though, the best part of seeing a show here is the setting. APT is an outdoor theater, up a hill, surrounded by trees. Walking up the hill in the woods, on a lamplit path from the picnic grounds to the theater, then seeing the clearing and the prairie. The theater area is 'hidden', so until you get to your seat you can't tell what anything really looks like. The 'lobby' has wood-chip floor and a small 'landing'. This landing is used for bug spray. Apply it here, then enter the theater, or spend the night swatting.

Over the course of a show the sun sets. We go from evening brightness to dark, with stars overhead. The whippoorwill calls (driving the audience crazy because he's so damn loud!!) and the owls hoot. Bats flutter through the theater, attracted by all the bugs--which are attracted by the lights. All around the stage is the woods; actors disappear into it, saunter out of it.

And when it's over, the lamplit path leads you down and away.
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To celebrate Cantoween, I watched a guy poke his own eyes out.

That's right, it's Oedipus time! Commentary on the show, angsting about the party. )

Following up on the this a meme, or just a cool thing I do?

[ profile] krasota, again, I suffer from distance and memory. But your "I'm thinking of something eeeeeevil" grin hasn't changed, if your icon is's bias-cut. Lots of fancy detailing, very nearly prissy in its extra seams and such--but made out of an almost sheer fabric, so that no matter how modest it wants to be, it ain't. I think light blues, sea greens.

[ profile] ellinor, my instinct is to do you as Haley...there's always room for treasure! But that's not especially interesting, I'm afraid. You are the Queen of Spades from the Peter Lehmann label I have near my desk. Renaissance-ish, in muted golds and blues and oranges; fancy trim--your hair bound up except for that one bit that says "Hello. I'm not the Queen of Hearts. Got it?"

[ profile] kassrachel, let's go a little ethnic and exotic here. Simple sheath dress in white silk, a little like a chongsam (sp?) but with slim long sleeves. Over it, a Tibetan long vest in dark blue velvet with patterned geometric patches in whites, silvers, and dark red. Big. Like, down to your calves, and heavy with the velvets. I like this. I might have to make one.

[ profile] wdalphin, oh yes you get leather pants. MIB for me, I think. Nearly Matrix-style stuff, so leathers, textures, satins, silks. (Always did like your silk shirts...) Black leather pants with short boots; dark silk shirt with tie, long overcoat that might be covering some illicit and interesting weapons.

[ profile] sylvantechie, I am curious about how you'd look as a 1920s gangster. Fedora. Gray pinstriped suit, a little rumpled. Air of casual authority--not from violence, but from knowing exactly whom to lean on, and having all the information of the boys at your fingertips. Beats Johnny Half-Ass or Frankie No-Neck, I think...

[ profile] woobat, this is probably corrupted by knowing your garden and your interests, but when I think of goddess dresses, I think of you. There's a picture of Pomona that my duplicate has on her wall; green, flowing, with hair bound up but falling out around the ivy; red apples in her lap; infinite calm. Which you do have, even if it's being held in reserve.

[ profile] bezique, I don't have a good one for your long hair. Instead, put on a brilliant white lab coat, elbow-length rubber gloves, antique goggles, and a manic expression. No one does mad scientist like you. Oh, and you'd look damn fine in an Edwardian tails and white tie. Supercilious expression optional.

[ profile] magdalene1, good to see you! Er...write you! Oh, whatever. I think you'd look good in a version of the Titania costume we had in January. A black velvet bodice that displays your cleavage, but worn over lots and lots of soft lingerie-style skirts, in whites and light pinks and beige and blue, just pouring out from underneath. It would not be your usual look, and I don't know that it's truly You. But it would be pretty cool.

Oh, and anonymous J definitely gets a camel, plus a rifle and a nasty-looking knife.
And an ankh, for those of you who've read _Declare_.

Here is a brief explanation of "trivia" and why nine naked men has something to do with it. Every day they get more nude! )
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Just got back from seeing Nixon in China with DaMan. Musing on the performance... )

And now for random amusements for the weekend:

The Mars Rovers have their own LiveJournals: [ profile] opportunitygrrl

And further commentary on the social effects of gay marriage: Red Planet...Pink Planet?

now I shall go hide under a duvet and snore.


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