Aug. 23rd, 2004 10:00 pm
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Requesting Names!

I'm going to be running a Cthulhu game at WorldCon this year. It's called "Treatment and Cure", and it's a refined version of the one I ran earlier for Monday night game and again for others later.

Right now I'm working on support documents and pregenerated characters (but not pregenerated madness). My problem is that I need to think up nine names for present-day characters. American, any age, any demographic, just needs to sound real.

That's the boring request. The fun one is this: I also need a name for a scary giggling bookseller. Never present in-person in the game, but he's mentioned a couple of times. I need something suitably creepy but not "Evil McScaresALot".

Any ideas?
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Easy meme! Composed by [livejournal.com profile] 2h2o!

What kind of geek are you? This Simple and Fun LJ Quiz is a simple and fun way to let all your geek friends know more about you - and if you're not a geek, you can ridicule the rest of us.

1) If you were a Smurf, your name would be:
Stitchy Smurf (also Bitchy Smurf, once a month).
2) If you were a Star Wars character, your name would be:
Jedi Master Mrs. Windu.
3) If you were a Super Hero, your special power would be:
4) If you were an Iron Chef, your cuisine type would be:
Anti-Muffin Chef!
5) If you were a theme ingredient on Iron Chef, you would be:
Mango. Mostly to hear Kaga say my name over and over.
6) If you were junk food, you would be:
A variety of Peep. Probably blue. With some disturbing not-meant-for-marshmallow flavor.
7a) If you were a D&D character, your race would be:
Dwarf. Duh.
7b) and your class would be:
Cleric. Not sure what level yet, though.
7c) and your prestige class would be:
I spit on your prestige class! Foo! Or, really, I don't have a smartass answer to this one.
8) If your life inspired a Sci-Fi Channel Original Series, it would be called:
"The Angst Files"
9) At what age did you realize that you were a geek?
Twelve. Wanted to buy Dragon Magazines, but didn't understand the game. Before, I was "smart kid", but that's different from geek.
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I just finished a closing session for the 1 1/2 year-long game. Not permanently, but two of the players are going off to grad school, and I'm in WI for a month, so there's a hiatus.

Crap. I'm going to miss you, [livejournal.com profile] laobscuridad and [livejournal.com profile] nadyezhda. More than I want to admit.

But it was a good way to end, yes? One is off to be ambassador to Shadow, swearing allegiance to his liege lord...one is taking care of a twin she never knew while he goes through some unfortunate changes.

May all your games be as rich as you've made this one.
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Sad: that is, personal.

My gamers are fighting. I don't know what it's about. I don't know if I should keep out of it, keep my emotions out of it but intervene without prejudice, or honestly say what I think, emotional reactions and all.

Tired of running game and being unhappy and stressed during/after it. Hell, maybe I should just quit it this summer. Start something new. Or don't.

Angry: that is, national.


And I still don't know if Shrub will be leaving come November! I keep having nightmare scenarios of "Whoopsie, found Bin Ladin on Oct. 29th! How'd that happen?" or even worse...I'm honest-to-lady scared of another attack. And I'm scared of the effect such an attack might have on J.Q. Voter. Nightmares about bioterrorism and the DNC this July..."Whoops! Stupid Dems didn't believe us, got all nice-nice with terror, and now they're ebola victims!" Okay, that's far-fetched. But I have full license for nightmares, dammit. They're not supposed to be rational, or even grounded in fact.
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Good night. One harangue at characters, one moral dilemma, one crossbow-wielding-assassin who didn't get caught (mwah ha ha), one prevented execution, one Big Plan set into motion, one great throwaway character (summoned giant owl, very cranky at daylight), and one largely insane sorcerer.

And a whoooole lot of exposition. The cool kind. The kind where you watch player after player going "oh. we're so screwed. we gotta do something."

Though my favorite moment of the night might be the insane sorcerer setting his price for assistance on a minor matter: one yard of purple silk, one kiss from a pretty girl, and something unique he's never seen before. Current plan is to stick Mggy's character in a dress with a sign that says "PRETTY".

Friday, Viv teaches me the "Viv Anything-Goes-School-of-Combat-Awesomeness", or, how to run a combat without stopping to look up stuff every three seconds. Also, how to make a kobold intimidating. Cool.


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