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And what have we learned from our poll?

--Making up polls randomly is fun but rarely makes sense.
--Divinity is not fudge.
--The Battle of Hastings happened in 1066, not 1099. Something fun must have happened in 1099, but it probably didn’t involve screaming Normans. (I just typed “screaming Normas”. Ahem.)
--Numinous, according to my dictionary, is “indicating or suggesting the presence of a god-- spiritual, divine; inspiring awe and reverence—holy.” But I do like the vague and unreal vast number definition as well.
--Pie is good. Pie may well be the ultimate good.
--Nudity, either topless or full frontal, will be an integral element of my cult. By popular demand, you see.
--My cult will also involve, in no particular order, sheep, Swedish fish, omega points (awesome), cheese logs, cocoa, the Battle of Hastings, more nudity, tea, and silliness. I think I can do that.
--It will be difficult to simultaneously commit all seven deadly sins, despite its high score. Sloth just knocks out the will to do all that wrath-ing.

Now I just have to design and build a Penance Hat. If I get into div school, I’m buying a fuzzy Pope mitre.
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I never thought temping would be like this.

Bouncing from receptionist job to receptionist job, yes. And that's the majority of it. Thankfully, on the week before Labor Day, calls are few and far between. Funny, everyone seems to be "out of the office" or "at an off-site meeting".

But yesterday, I got a very different temp job.

I worked at a daycare.

Just for an afternoon, in order to provide the state-appointed number of adults in a room at any one time. And most of it was naptime. I was in the infant and toddler room.

What have I learned from this?

1. I don't know what to do with a kid. I don't know how to get them to do something, or to stop doing something. I don't know how to stop crying, or get them to go to sleep, or bring a shy child into a group. I have zero knowledge of this. None. Absolute bupkis. I don't even know how to hold one properly.

2. I like kids. I can't deal with them, but I like them. I loved babbling with one of them, then realizing I could understand what he was saying. I like making them grin or smile or look fascinated. I like watching them try things out, and I like seeing what they do know (we hold on to the rope when we walk) and what they don't (if I move fast with the rope, the other person holding it will fall).

Okay, don't freak out. I have no plans of immanent spawnage. Nor even plans in the next five years. But I think this was the first time I didn't run screaming from the idea of having a kid.

Which may be the scariest lesson of the day.

Worldcon update once I'm through with my games...
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last of a long line of Ronalds, scion of freaky goodness, wearer of many silly hats, I give you [ profile] sal_sal!

Now I get to be paranoid about my entries, lest they get back to the 'rents. So much for that detailed entry about my lustful, debauched orgy of drugs and sex. Maybe a debauched orgy of Peeps and Pokemon. Pokemon: The First Movie maps disturbingly well onto Rocky Horror. Not that you wanted to know that.

By the way, after tonight's lecture, I am really impressed by Genesis 18. Specifically, where Abraham talks God into _not_ destroying Sodom and Gomorrah if there are ten honest men in it. I mean, damn! There's this powerful creator god, and you can argue with him and change his mind. Yeah, there's a lot that's wrong with this concept of God--but the idea that a human is equal enough to talk him out of something, or to demand answers (like Job)? Whoa.

Huh. Pokemon and Abraham. I must have given any readers some serious topic whiplash.
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"For in this world fear, grief, toil, and peril are unavoidable, but it is of the utmost importance for what cause, with what hope, and to what end a man endures these things."

Yeah, That Augustine. Of Hippo.

Current reading is redefining him for me. "Augustine and the Limits of Politics", by Jean Bethke Elshtain. I had thought of him as just a morose, original-sin-happy, all-sex-is-evil, women-suck-too, early Church father.

I think I might have to read City of God. The whole thing. Elshtain is steadily redeeming him from the multiple negative associations. (Example--yes, he does counsel that wives should be subservient. But not because, as Aristotle would have it, they're inherently inferior. Instead, Auggy's women are equal in the eyes of God, but to maintain the peace and tradition of the household and thus the state, they should be subservient. I disagree at the end, o'course, but stating that women are not absolute inferiors is kind of radical for the time.)


Plus, Jess just informed me that the sheep animation will be in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. Oh My God. Not only does she rock, but she has made my margin doodles world famous. Wooooooooooot!


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