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State of the office:

Originally, there are five people at work here: M, C, P, A, and J.

In July, J and A left and were replaced by temps. One of the temps was me. (even though I came on in September.) I replaced A.

In November, P leaves and I take over his duties, still handling some of A's. New temp comes in to replace the old temp, who found a cool job at WGBH.

In December, M will be leaving, and her replacement is not yet identified. Since she is the head of the office, that's a little troubling. She'll be in Peru for January, so not exactly in contact with us.

Yesterday, C told me that he's got a good job offer at Harvard-Over-the-River and will probably be taking it.

That means that, as [ profile] fairoriana put it last night, I'm the continuity. I am, as C put it, the last man standing.

*looney toons ostrich* Awk! They left me all alone!

Perhaps this is a good time to implement my "Tenure Hat" plan!
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I am hereby quitting my workday LJ habit.
I resolve not to check or update LJ except during lunch.

Begone, time-wasting temptress! Foo!
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---I dressed up as a pirate tonight and went out to get drunk and sing shanties. Perhaps it would have been even cooler if I were less shy in a bar situation, but overall it was lots of cool. Argh. Arrrrrgh. Fear my bandanna and foofy shirt.

--Sam has sent a followup CD to our cover-mix, "Revenge of Pork". This outrage can not be borne. Especially Masters of Chant singing Blue Monday. Or any David Hasslehoff. But Mr.TheMan and I are nearly tapped out of covers. Shy of finding some Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees or Annoying Music Show cds, I don't know where we're going to find enough songs to mix a reply cd. Oof. But at least I have Tiny Tim singing "Hey Jude".

--LJ may not be the best place for it, but I feel I must state and restate how much I love Mr.TheMan. I am incredibly lucky to be who I am, where I am, and the fact that he's so wonderful makes it even better. I love his uncontrolled laugh, his expressive eyebrows, and his way of challenging me. And his smiles.

--On my way home from getting*tfaced, I found a silver ring. It looks kind of like your standard bit of shiny chromed hardware, incomplete circle with rounded tips, about 1/8" wide round band, no other adornment. It fits my middle finger on the right hand. I picked it up and put it on without even thinking about it. How strange, the things we find. I like to think I was meant to find it.

--I continue forging through the heavy philo-theo-ethico book I picked up last week on a whim. It's actually providing a good crash course in the last two hundred years in basic theology and philosophy. I'm just about to reach the point where the author will begin to form his actual argument, rather than restating the entire history that has led up to it. I hope it's well done; I want the equivalent of the toy at the bottom of the box.

--Last, I leave you with silly haiku:

No peg leg, no hook
Yet buccaneer I remain
Bring me my brown pants!

Tomorrow, Green Line
Muttering "argh" I grumble
Keelhaul the whole train!


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