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[ profile] sen_no_ongaku and I will be heading towards the Berkshires this weekend, y'all! What can we bring you from Botolph's Stone? (No, really--that's the etymology of Boston.)

Oh yes, and I will be reporting my weaving teacher, as per my last post. You might teach all over the country; that just means all of the country gets to experience your suckage and bigotry. Foo.

Hey [ profile] cmprince--I got your postcards! They made me feel warm and fuzzy, like smothering in fleece. Um. Not really. Warm and fuzzy like a hot buttered rum.
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First things first. I should inform you about the Sojourn in WI, the Rest in Chicago, and the Journey to Home.

You may or may not have already seen [ profile] sen_no_ongaku’s entry about our trip, detailing mileage and Important Things Learned. I thought I’d do something more in-depth, mostly using the ‘journal’ aspect of LJ as a record of a wonderful vacation.

But I’ll hide it behind a cut tag! )

(Meanwhile, my sibling [ profile] sal_sal is being treated to the sight of Amish with jackhammers.)
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Last night in Chicago! Events: Neo-Futurarium, touring the U of C campus, Klaus, Dresden Dolls, coffee and Persian food, nighttime walk in the Loop, imitating Homsar. And more. Much more. Including "Orange Juice from Concentrate."

As you might gather, this isn't an especially intelligible entry. I don't care, it's a placeholder till I have time and space to compose a "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" LJ entry.

Like making Miles Davis...with two sets of genitals...while tied to a sperm whale...that's flying through the nebulas...and accepting an Oscar...for best documentary...short subject.

My love to you all, and I'll be home soon.
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I spent the entire day yesterday at Six Flags Great America.

First a note of great sadness for absent friends, both those near and far to Wisconsin, who couldn't make it. We shall have to do similarly silly things another time. Soon.

Now, on to the best of it.

Thesis statement: Roller coasters may not be better than sex, but the best ones are damn close.

1. Riding the American Eagle (standard wooden roller coaster, backwards and forwards tracks) backwards in the very last seat, so all you see are the tracks wooshing out in front of you.
2. Getting my head smacked around in the Iron Wolf standing ride. Not overall good.
3. Being a scared little wussy girl and not riding the Superman ride, which suspends you and has you going headfirst--a la Superman, duh--through many loops. I don't like resting all my weight on my chest or on the harness. Just don't like it.
4. Riding the Raging Bull twice. Twice. Twice. Yes! Yes! The longest drop in the park, the longest RIDE in the park, and the best spins and turns possible. So very very good. And the second time we rode it was at night.
5. Lines that are less than fortyfive minutes make everything better.
6. Did I mention we rode the Raging Bull twice?

A. Funnel cakes.
B. Caramel apples.
C. Churros.
D. Sodee-pop.

In conclusion: Roller coasters make me very very happy. I must now conserve my neck and back such that I can ride them until I am eighty.

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Hilton Head.

What a strange place. I have never been in a resort town for any length of time before, and the...constructed...nature of it was jarring. Not quite "artificial", but...constructed. Gated. Supercleaned; superniced, but not Stepford nice.

We didn't really go anywhere else. After a delayed flight (Delta broke its computers), we got in at 4am on Sunday, and spent most of that day in a happy daze. DaMan's family is wonderful. I learned that you're not really family until you've gotten into a trivial argument with his mom (in my case, Boggle-based). His nieces and nephews kept us busy, both running around and interpreting their crazy moon language. The youngest is just approaching actual words, after "mama" and "dada".

We got second choice on the bedrooms, since we were the last ones there. This meant we had two twin beds. I kept thinking of Ozzie and Harriet...or whatever sitcom couples had separate beds...Anyway, we defied this arrangement, which led to awkward sleeping positions and knotted necks, but comfy cuddling. Dammit, if we made it through twin beds in college, we can do so for a week, right? Wrong. Must...take...over...entire...bed!

On the beach, there were jellyfish. We poked them with a stick when we thought they were the stingy kind, then poked them with our hands when we learned they were inert. They're really cool and gross. And kind of sad, when there are fifty or more washed up on the beach, and already dead before they reach the sand. But we still poked them. Rubbery and weird. My inner 7-year-old was pleased.

We played DanceDanceRevolution while at an arcade! I loved it, but it totally kicked my hinder when we tried levels beyond 'beginner'. I didn't think I'd even make it through that...I wonder if there is a home version, and if my neighbors would mind.

Mini-golf in a golfing resort is excruciatingly dull. Putting practice, essentially. Not a single windmill, alligator, or mermaid in the whole course. I must return to the Berkshires!!

DaMan and I walked on the beach while the moon rose. At first we didn't recognize it--so red, so strange peering up over the horizon. Then we simply watched it rise. Bright lights are forbidden on the beach (because of nesting turtles) so it was very dark and very beautiful, and the light of the moon dimmed even the Summer Triangle. High tide, and the waves reached almost to our toes where we stood. How beautiful life is.

More costumes later. And Anonymous J, "monkeys" could mean just about any of my friends, I'm afraid...I am dull at guessing....


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