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(I haven't been posting much, because I'm awaiting the full bringing-to-life of my brand spankin' new Lappy)

Sal is going to be here over her spring break. March 13-19, if I'm correct. And I can't find a damn thing to do with her during that time! (Besides get really embarassingly drunk on St. Patrick's day on a half-glass of Bailey's.) No shows...No concerts...No funky exhibits...

...Which leads me to ask y'all. She'll be spending the majority of daytime with college friends, but twin and I have claim on a fair amount of her time, and I want to go do something with it.

If it were summer, I'd go for the drive-in movie, or out for a harbor cruise, or whalewatching or something.
But it'll be March. Which could mean daffodils, and could mean four feet of snow.

Any suggestions?
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What would go in an ideal care package (like the one received by [ profile] wavyarms recently) for the following people?

[ profile] sal_sal, in her freshman year of college, sitting behind some dink in Russian History, and likely to kill Whitney Houston;

[ profile] laobscuridad, without time because it's all going to the care and feeding of fuzzy animals and not-so-fuzzy ones, and did we mention the without any time part?;

[ profile] nadyezdha, beset by spiders and unpacking and Muzh alike.

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My youngest sibling, [ profile] sal_sal, will be graduating from highschool tomorrow afternoon. Today she just had her graduation party, and has since departed from the house to attend the parties of others.

In the meantime, DaMan and I have enjoyed the calm of Portland...I think he's getting a little bored, tho. Dad has made several not-entirely-joking jokes about how we're "not married yet". I like how we're living, and I'm not going to change it anytime soon. I think. But then, Dad always brings out the defensive side in me.

Some asides: Alison Moyet and Richard Cheese are indeed singers, one beautiful and lush, one horribly responsible for lounge covers of, say, Baby Got Back and Rock the Casbah.

Right now I'm scanning in [ profile] stealthmuffin's mini-comic, Dwarf and Ninja. In the next month or so, we hope to post it online. Current storylines include the hiring at NPC Casting Central, the elf strike, and a displacer kitten.

I think I'm going to use the rest of my post to talk about what I like about my youngest sibling. I don't care that she reads this. Everyone deserves an ego-session at some point, and what better time than graduation?

She's tough. She's smart. She's got poise, and an ability to talk to people from all parts of the school with ease. She's confident without being arrogant. Well, not really arrogant, anyway. She's athletic, pretty, and fun. She geeks out over Harry Potter with abandon. (kass and sanj, I have no idea what she thinks of your fics!) She's *giving a speech at commencement*! How cool is that? She's open to the weird music we throw at her, and she returns with strange Japanese battle movies...that I do want to see, Sal, just not this weekend with the 'rents. She's pragmatic and used to shrugging off comments that would irritate the heck out of me. She insults DaMan, and does it well. She seems remarkably together and stable and mature for her age; I went through a kind of regression and got depressive and bitchy for a few years there. She has Escher on her walls. She drives. She basically just plain rules.

Mad props to my sibling, [ profile] sal_sal. Congratulations to her, and good luck in the summer and the freshman year.
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Help me to decide what [ profile] sal_sal will get for graduation! It's going to be some kind of box o' good stuff...but what Kind of Stuff? What would you have wanted, heading off to college? An inflatable chair? A collection of "World's Greatest Polkas" for stereo wars? A voodoo doll for the professor of your choice?

Any suggestions will be considered...anything to make her college life easier, her dorm room cooler, or just freak her out. Mwah ha ha.

And, for your link of the day, Jon Stewart gives a commencement address.

Next post, answer to the lyrics meme! Stealthmuffin, if you wish, you can tell me which ones you did NOT get.
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--Trees in full bloom. Magnolias, white and graceful and huge; crabapples, pink and frothy.
--Birds building nests in the neighbor's trees.
--Purple hats.
--Siblings who are Prom Royalty; in case anyone missed the earlier post, the youngest of the three of us is nominated for the Prom Court! I cannot describe how cool that is. Mostly because I'm not there.
--Knowing I'm going to see her soon, and getting to harangue her at her graditation party. You want a pappasan chair for college, [ profile] sal_sal?
--Going to community tea at the Div School.
--MrDaMan cooking dinner tonight...he is a fine, fine cook. And he goes well with olive oil and shallots.
--Brief running-game overload, from the Wednesday Night regulars and from a Cthulhu two-shot that got started last night.
--A workday that went quickly.
--A virtual sheep named Puffy.
--Stealthmuffin's novel.
--Wearing lots of silver jewelry and looking classy.
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My sibling, [ profile] sal_sal, has been nominated to Prom Court! This means that she gets to process around, walk funny, get roses...and possibly end up as Prom Queen.

Mad props to the sibling.
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last of a long line of Ronalds, scion of freaky goodness, wearer of many silly hats, I give you [ profile] sal_sal!

Now I get to be paranoid about my entries, lest they get back to the 'rents. So much for that detailed entry about my lustful, debauched orgy of drugs and sex. Maybe a debauched orgy of Peeps and Pokemon. Pokemon: The First Movie maps disturbingly well onto Rocky Horror. Not that you wanted to know that.

By the way, after tonight's lecture, I am really impressed by Genesis 18. Specifically, where Abraham talks God into _not_ destroying Sodom and Gomorrah if there are ten honest men in it. I mean, damn! There's this powerful creator god, and you can argue with him and change his mind. Yeah, there's a lot that's wrong with this concept of God--but the idea that a human is equal enough to talk him out of something, or to demand answers (like Job)? Whoa.

Huh. Pokemon and Abraham. I must have given any readers some serious topic whiplash.
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I have discovered that I am one quilt square short for the New Year's compilation. (Or three squares over, but I prefer the additive rather than subtractive solution.) I must think of a cool square to add. A painted or appliqued design might be nice...perhaps a sheep, perhaps a beastie?

I must ponder. And raid my fabric collection. Now we'll have 24 squares, and it'll be a respectable twin-size quilt!

And then I can start on the graduation projects for my sibling and my cousin. Sib is getting a Kaleidoscope pattern in blues, blacks, and silvers--House Ravenclaw, in fact. It'll be very dark and subtle. Cousin is getting a Hunter's Star pattern (like the black/beige/red one I own) in bright greens, teals, pinks and purples. Vivid, but not eye-strain. I hope.

And I have material for a baby-sized quilt. I'm going to use my sushi print and ignore the lack of babies in anyone's life. It'll be a tablecloth?


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