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I thought I was going to write a Thankful Thursdays list like [ profile] fairoriana, but instead I find myself simply wanting to share moments from my day. Here you go, then, a small string of beautiful bits.

--Realizing, in my first ever German class, that I know far more German words than I had ever thought. Mein Name ist E! Plus I learned the word Zwilling.

--Sitting and catching up with [ profile] ltlbird this evening over tasty rendang and boba tea. Wish her well and good health!

--Coming up the stairs tonight and smelling baked bread. Someone in this building is doing baking tonight; the air is yeasty and rich with the wonderful scent of bread.

--The small noises our Ooblet makes when I enter the apartment and she's obviously just woken up at my approach.

--A mug of Bailey's. Not full, just a little bit.

My love to those of you who are tired or sad tonight; the mojo candle continues to burn in your name. My love also to those of you who are silly and happy or simply content. Good night. And sheep.
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The day has started well.

Last night's stimulating conversation sent me to sleep with a thoughtful head--not troubling, just thoughtful, the kind where you feel that you've exercised your brain a bit.

This morning, a letter I'd been waiting for for three weeks was on the fax. I've got a Dunkin Donuts coffee, a day full of walking around and being active, and a great weekend up ahead.

I'm working my juju for the rest of you, lighting a mental mojo candle and saying a hope that this good feeling is pervasive throughout your day.

Now to groove some more!


Dec. 14th, 2004 01:15 pm
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More good things:

1) My reading assignment for Sociology is awesome. "Competing Devotions: Work and Family among Women Executives"; more as I finish it.

2) My UChicago application went in today. No more worrying! Well, now I move to an entirely different kind of worrying! I will now accept ideas for the "Celebrate Embly/Console Embly" party, to happen sometime in March after I get a thin or thick envelope.

3) I have a name plate. It's shiny, and it has my name on it, and it's shiny.
Damn, but I feel executive.

It's a good day so far; may some of this happy pass to all of you. (Especially the part that is not caffeine-derived.)
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[ profile] sen_no_ongaku and I will be heading towards the Berkshires this weekend, y'all! What can we bring you from Botolph's Stone? (No, really--that's the etymology of Boston.)

Oh yes, and I will be reporting my weaving teacher, as per my last post. You might teach all over the country; that just means all of the country gets to experience your suckage and bigotry. Foo.

Hey [ profile] cmprince--I got your postcards! They made me feel warm and fuzzy, like smothering in fleece. Um. Not really. Warm and fuzzy like a hot buttered rum.
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First a quick hug to some of my friends far away; Shoshe, headed off to Japan while her latest email to me moulders in my inbox, perennial victim of my correspondence failings; [ profile] wavyarms, [ profile] laobscuridad, and [ profile] nadyezhda, all beginning studies and in various stages of freakout; [ profile] sal_sal, recipient of strange snack food; [ profile] sanj, brand new in the city and exhausted from moving; and many, many more. I love you and hope you are well. And I hope [ profile] sal_sal got someone to try the salted prunes.

I'm trying to come up with a plan for a Halloween party. I want to do some sort of costume party, or some sort of event party. More than your usual "dress up, hang out, have food and drink". But I can't think of good ideas. I must ponder more. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your deep musing on half-and-not-half. I have so far failed to find any clowns in it.
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My mother is going back to grad school. (Everybody to get in school!) She's currently taking just one class, and she feels intimidated and nervous and ignorant. She's not. She's damned smart. I know, because she spawned me.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to encourage a mature student? What to say, what to emphasize or downplay?

I love my kickass mom.
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What would go in an ideal care package (like the one received by [ profile] wavyarms recently) for the following people?

[ profile] sal_sal, in her freshman year of college, sitting behind some dink in Russian History, and likely to kill Whitney Houston;

[ profile] laobscuridad, without time because it's all going to the care and feeding of fuzzy animals and not-so-fuzzy ones, and did we mention the without any time part?;

[ profile] nadyezdha, beset by spiders and unpacking and Muzh alike.

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I just finished a closing session for the 1 1/2 year-long game. Not permanently, but two of the players are going off to grad school, and I'm in WI for a month, so there's a hiatus.

Crap. I'm going to miss you, [ profile] laobscuridad and [ profile] nadyezhda. More than I want to admit.

But it was a good way to end, yes? One is off to be ambassador to Shadow, swearing allegiance to his liege is taking care of a twin she never knew while he goes through some unfortunate changes.

May all your games be as rich as you've made this one.
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My youngest sibling, [ profile] sal_sal, will be graduating from highschool tomorrow afternoon. Today she just had her graduation party, and has since departed from the house to attend the parties of others.

In the meantime, DaMan and I have enjoyed the calm of Portland...I think he's getting a little bored, tho. Dad has made several not-entirely-joking jokes about how we're "not married yet". I like how we're living, and I'm not going to change it anytime soon. I think. But then, Dad always brings out the defensive side in me.

Some asides: Alison Moyet and Richard Cheese are indeed singers, one beautiful and lush, one horribly responsible for lounge covers of, say, Baby Got Back and Rock the Casbah.

Right now I'm scanning in [ profile] stealthmuffin's mini-comic, Dwarf and Ninja. In the next month or so, we hope to post it online. Current storylines include the hiring at NPC Casting Central, the elf strike, and a displacer kitten.

I think I'm going to use the rest of my post to talk about what I like about my youngest sibling. I don't care that she reads this. Everyone deserves an ego-session at some point, and what better time than graduation?

She's tough. She's smart. She's got poise, and an ability to talk to people from all parts of the school with ease. She's confident without being arrogant. Well, not really arrogant, anyway. She's athletic, pretty, and fun. She geeks out over Harry Potter with abandon. (kass and sanj, I have no idea what she thinks of your fics!) She's *giving a speech at commencement*! How cool is that? She's open to the weird music we throw at her, and she returns with strange Japanese battle movies...that I do want to see, Sal, just not this weekend with the 'rents. She's pragmatic and used to shrugging off comments that would irritate the heck out of me. She insults DaMan, and does it well. She seems remarkably together and stable and mature for her age; I went through a kind of regression and got depressive and bitchy for a few years there. She has Escher on her walls. She drives. She basically just plain rules.

Mad props to my sibling, [ profile] sal_sal. Congratulations to her, and good luck in the summer and the freshman year.
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a little sozzled, but wishing to share the joy with others out there. many happy returns of Daylight Savings to you all. and never put a peep in a margarita, even if it's a frescarita.
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First, everyone please wish [ profile] wavyarms much luck in the next few weeks and days. Light the mojo candles, say a prayer, or just send happy thoughts. I encountered her--I think--heading out for auditions.

Next, I just had blood sucked out of my body, filtered, and stuffed back in. All while watching Law & Order. Again. Oh Jack McCoy, you may not take my breath away, but you can have my platelets any time. I like being able to schedule these donations way ahead of time. The fact that while I'm sitting there with the platelet-removal machine hooked up to my arm, a nice lady comes around with Cheez-Its and juice, and then a heating pad and cocoa...that makes it fabulous. 1-800-GIVE-LIFE, if anyone's interested. As long as you don't imagine a "sluuuuuuurp" noice coming from the machine, it's just fine.

Last, it's time for a geek out. Recent D&D article lists some interesting new magic items: "Dancing Golden Peg Leg"; "Mutineer's Eye". That's right. Pirates. Pirate artifacts. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some booty in need of plundering.


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