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and there's this nice little buzzing noise in my mind as I pack up to run errands and hand in a paper,

I give you some recent silliness.

To the tune of 'She Caught the Katy' )

Go, Team Beta! )

Ah, that's better. Now I can get back to preparing for Thursday's exam and giggling fiendishly.
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Things I Learned by Watching Casshern, The Robot Hunter:

1) Science requires pistons, zeppelins, and large clockwork wheels. Especially biochemistry.
2) Never pick up a baby on a battlefield. Especially if it's ticking.
3) Always cover your vats of regenerative material with lightning-bolt-proof lids.
3a) Be certain to plan for those tricky lightning bolts made of solid metal.
4) Offspring killed in war can be easily respawned with said vats.
5) Nuclear explosions are triggered by clockfaces of Big Ben proportions, and holding the minute hand in place can keep the explosion from happening.
6) During wartime, fortified castles with extensive robot armies are often left uninhabited.
7) When kidnapping scientists, be certain to stab them first.
8) Pollution looks like Lothlorien.
9) You can summon the sun (and a fortified castle with extensive robot armies) by screaming a lot.
10) Some diseases have only two symptoms: blindness and increasing winsomeness.
11) Never scream in rage when you've just managed to hide from a giant robot army.
12) The only way to find true peace and fulfillment is to explode. Not to explode other things; just--explode.
13) Sit very far away from anyone you ever talk to, so that you are not hit by giant missiles or spattered in blood.
14) When committing a coup d'etat, it helps to actually kill or imprison the person you're couping.
15)If you can't see a vision of peace and beauty, it may be because you are ON FIRE.

There is no way to adequately describe this movie.
ETA: I should mention that I do like the movie and would recommend, nay, lend it to any who asked. Just be prepared for some jaw-dropping moments.
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Also, it seems that my brain will not play any music except DDR songs.

Three or four seconds apiece.

"Forever Sunshine" is the current culprit...
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Perhaps, a la [ profile] fairoriana's Thankful Thursdays, I should do Freaky Fridays. But these aren't that freaky...this time...

--My boss offered a memento mori to me when I was running around at top bionic speed yesterday: "Nobody writes 'She was a good worker' on your tombstone." (Actually, I'm hoping for "Put not your trust in anvils".)

--I saw a woman with a Hello Kitty hat yesterday. At first it was cute; the hat is shaped like Hello Kitty's head, and has little cute eyes and little cute ears, and has a red turnback around the bottom. Then my perception sidestepped, and it looked like Hello Kitty Chupacabra was glommed on to the top of this woman's head and eating her brains. I can only wonder what she thought as my eyes bugged out and I started giggling.

--Anyone notice how the "hating stupid people" idea is pretty pervasive? "Stupid" seems to equal "lacking common sense"...which usually equals "seeing things the way I do". It feels as if that's present in many debates, both political and cultural, lately: the other side isn't just wrong, they're stupid (or worse, they've been fooled).

--I need to make a speech bubble for Mudpuppy my Frankenbeanie, so that he can say various things.

--Located through friendsfriends: Manolo Shoes. No, really. Read his entry on the Day of the San Valentino. Do not be the skate of cheap if you are a man who has the woman in his life, says Manolo. Also good for the occasional cattiness.

I think that's all for the moment. Any other freakish friday stuff?

mmm...Hello Kitty Chupacabra...
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We're going to game 7. The Red Sox and the Yankees are now 3 and 3.

To paraphrase [ profile] stealthmuffin:

"Curt! Curt, I love you! But we only have nine innings left to save Boston!"

I shall now shimmy like a ciliate.
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I never thought temping would be like this.

Bouncing from receptionist job to receptionist job, yes. And that's the majority of it. Thankfully, on the week before Labor Day, calls are few and far between. Funny, everyone seems to be "out of the office" or "at an off-site meeting".

But yesterday, I got a very different temp job.

I worked at a daycare.

Just for an afternoon, in order to provide the state-appointed number of adults in a room at any one time. And most of it was naptime. I was in the infant and toddler room.

What have I learned from this?

1. I don't know what to do with a kid. I don't know how to get them to do something, or to stop doing something. I don't know how to stop crying, or get them to go to sleep, or bring a shy child into a group. I have zero knowledge of this. None. Absolute bupkis. I don't even know how to hold one properly.

2. I like kids. I can't deal with them, but I like them. I loved babbling with one of them, then realizing I could understand what he was saying. I like making them grin or smile or look fascinated. I like watching them try things out, and I like seeing what they do know (we hold on to the rope when we walk) and what they don't (if I move fast with the rope, the other person holding it will fall).

Okay, don't freak out. I have no plans of immanent spawnage. Nor even plans in the next five years. But I think this was the first time I didn't run screaming from the idea of having a kid.

Which may be the scariest lesson of the day.

Worldcon update once I'm through with my games...
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....Again, I have retired to the bloodletting center so they can take my platelets from me. And again, I feel compelled to post on LJ that evening.

I think blood loss makes me prone to irrelevant comment-ing.

More on some of those pondered topics later.

Instead, here are three awful things to contemplate: )


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