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Why do I love these pants?

Because they love me back.

They're black, jean-cut, my first-ever boot-cut style. They have silver and black embroidery at the cuffs. I kept looking down and thinking I'd brushed up against the cat.

Most of all, though...they fit like no other pant has ever dared to fit. They ride lower on my waist than any other pair (yes, I know I'm hike-your-pants-up queen), and they are slightly stretchy, so they hug my hips and thighs without squeezing or constricting. Just...hugging.

How can you not love clothes that hug you?

In other news, Mom sent me a Wembley doll! From Fraggle Rock, remember? And he's my Wembley!


Nov. 8th, 2004 04:34 pm
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I'm working on an essay about Anger or Wrath. (Actually, it's put aside till I finish my Sociology paper.)

So there will be more updates.
But right now, I just had to announce to the world:

that I love my new pants.

I love them so much.
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Yesterday was the Day of Culture and Laundry.

Morning with [ profile] esqgirl, wandering through Art Deco exhibit at the MFA. Apparently Art Deco is a bit more extravagant than I thought; I had much more sleek lines and elegance, rather than a nigh-baroque style at times. (Perhaps I meant Art Nouveau?) Still, the fashion bits and the cultural elements were fascinating. Followed with lunch at the cafe, catching up and pondering futures. What a lovely start!

Then I came home, and proceeded to do five loads of laundry.

Since it's DaMan's and mine combined, wanna take a guess at the breakdown? White, light color, dark color, black and black. Two loads black. Wonder if I should buy him a blue shirt.

Time spent not laundering was spent weaving! Almost...there...

And the evening finished with some episodes of Firefly and the presence of a few close friends.

A good Saturday, in other words.

And there will be SHEEP ON TV! [ profile] cute_fuzzy_evil's animation, "Attack of the Note Sheep", which derives in some small part from [ profile] stealthmuffin's and my habit of scrawling little doomed sheep in our margins, will air on Nickelodeon!

To wit:
"My short animation "Attack of the Note Sheep" will be showing on Nickelodeon on October 31, 2004, at 10 PM ET, as part of the Nicktoons Film Festival!
Encore presentations include:
Monday, 11/1, at 1:00am (ET)
Monday, 11/1, at 10:00pm (ET)
Tuesday, 11/2, at 1:00am (ET)"

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Today I take the genetic duplicate shopping. Or rather, we're going shopping together. H&M, DSW shoes, maybe Marshalls or TJ Maxx, maybe even--in preparation for Beefcake tonight, a supergirly thing like a Origins facial.

Quick definition. Beefcake: an evening when females gather to watch a movie featuring attractive men. Plot is optional. Estrogen reaches dangerous levels. Lots of fun. (Tonight, she's serving Strawberry Wobblers.)

Both elder sibling and I are, to put it nicely, wide-hipped. Enough so that we both have some "oh my gawd I am so fat" issues, justified or not. Now this tends to have consequences in what we wear: cover up, cuddly over sexy, comfort over style. (Plus I have a blind spot in my style is what happens to other people, as I said once.)

I'm kind of tired of that. Those who saw me in my short skirt may have figured that out. I'm starting to reach a point where, simultaneously, I don't care about looking stupid and I care more about my looks. How does that work? Well, I'm willing to risk looking foolish. I'm willing to risk showing my thighs. I'm willing to risk bad fashion in order to have fun with my clothes. At the same time, I'm wanting to look...less cuddly, less comfy, more stylish--but it's my own damn style. In other words, I'm dressing up and risking "that's so weird" in order to get "you look great!"

Of course there are exceptions...t-shirt and jeans will hold sway in my summer everyday for a while yet, I think...Or maybe not. There's a time and a place for comfort clothes. I find that my time for it is shrinking.

Don't expect spike heels and a bright pink powersuit. But I like discovering the fun in clothing!
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---I dressed up as a pirate tonight and went out to get drunk and sing shanties. Perhaps it would have been even cooler if I were less shy in a bar situation, but overall it was lots of cool. Argh. Arrrrrgh. Fear my bandanna and foofy shirt.

--Sam has sent a followup CD to our cover-mix, "Revenge of Pork". This outrage can not be borne. Especially Masters of Chant singing Blue Monday. Or any David Hasslehoff. But Mr.TheMan and I are nearly tapped out of covers. Shy of finding some Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees or Annoying Music Show cds, I don't know where we're going to find enough songs to mix a reply cd. Oof. But at least I have Tiny Tim singing "Hey Jude".

--LJ may not be the best place for it, but I feel I must state and restate how much I love Mr.TheMan. I am incredibly lucky to be who I am, where I am, and the fact that he's so wonderful makes it even better. I love his uncontrolled laugh, his expressive eyebrows, and his way of challenging me. And his smiles.

--On my way home from getting*tfaced, I found a silver ring. It looks kind of like your standard bit of shiny chromed hardware, incomplete circle with rounded tips, about 1/8" wide round band, no other adornment. It fits my middle finger on the right hand. I picked it up and put it on without even thinking about it. How strange, the things we find. I like to think I was meant to find it.

--I continue forging through the heavy philo-theo-ethico book I picked up last week on a whim. It's actually providing a good crash course in the last two hundred years in basic theology and philosophy. I'm just about to reach the point where the author will begin to form his actual argument, rather than restating the entire history that has led up to it. I hope it's well done; I want the equivalent of the toy at the bottom of the box.

--Last, I leave you with silly haiku:

No peg leg, no hook
Yet buccaneer I remain
Bring me my brown pants!

Tomorrow, Green Line
Muttering "argh" I grumble
Keelhaul the whole train!


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