Dec. 7th, 2007 09:04 am
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I have three papers due next week.

I have first drafts for all of them--crude, ugly things, with occasional lapses into CAPSLOCK and considerable gaps between logical statements.

I also have a pot full of tea, pens in five different colors, extensive amounts of willpower and silliness, and an unnerving tendency towards perfectionism.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get medieval on Emil Durkheim.
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I Got In.

Both Harvard and University of Chicago have admitted me!
Harvard's offering me serious grant-age and loan-age too!

I got in!

(entry being cut short for sheer volume of celebration)
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All right, let's try out this "poll" feature of paid LJ...

[Poll #450457]
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I spent lunchtime finishing my notes on an interview I had with [ profile] esqgirl earlier in the week. The purpose was to provide material for a paper I'm working on, but the by-product has been wonderful:

Two realizations.

1. I like interviewing. I like hearing people's thoughts and eliciting their ideas, hearing their approach to a subject.

2. I'm not especially good at it. I don't always know what to ask or how to steer a conversation; [ profile] esqgirl's ease and speaking ability saved me this time.

I'm wondering now...
I have this shiny little tape recorder. I have lots of friends with interesting opinions, especially about religion.

How do I learn to be a better interviewer? do I form those into a coherent whole?

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State of the office:

Originally, there are five people at work here: M, C, P, A, and J.

In July, J and A left and were replaced by temps. One of the temps was me. (even though I came on in September.) I replaced A.

In November, P leaves and I take over his duties, still handling some of A's. New temp comes in to replace the old temp, who found a cool job at WGBH.

In December, M will be leaving, and her replacement is not yet identified. Since she is the head of the office, that's a little troubling. She'll be in Peru for January, so not exactly in contact with us.

Yesterday, C told me that he's got a good job offer at Harvard-Over-the-River and will probably be taking it.

That means that, as [ profile] fairoriana put it last night, I'm the continuity. I am, as C put it, the last man standing.

*looney toons ostrich* Awk! They left me all alone!

Perhaps this is a good time to implement my "Tenure Hat" plan!


Nov. 8th, 2004 04:34 pm
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I'm working on an essay about Anger or Wrath. (Actually, it's put aside till I finish my Sociology paper.)

So there will be more updates.
But right now, I just had to announce to the world:

that I love my new pants.

I love them so much.
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Yo, editorial-types and anyone who's just nosy...

...I'll have a first draft of my personal statement for HDS tonight. Anyone wanna take a peek? Some of it will carry over to my Chicago app, and some won't.

You really do need to inflate your ego to write it. Whee!
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An article on the idea of the inevitable secularization of society

Particularly in light of thinking, a la [ profile] winterborne, of The Future.

EDIT: I meant to say, "attacking the idea of the inevitable secularization of society."
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First things first. I should inform you about the Sojourn in WI, the Rest in Chicago, and the Journey to Home.

You may or may not have already seen [ profile] sen_no_ongaku’s entry about our trip, detailing mileage and Important Things Learned. I thought I’d do something more in-depth, mostly using the ‘journal’ aspect of LJ as a record of a wonderful vacation.

But I’ll hide it behind a cut tag! )

(Meanwhile, my sibling [ profile] sal_sal is being treated to the sight of Amish with jackhammers.)


Apr. 7th, 2004 10:59 pm
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education: completed one paper, in better shape. actually sat and thought about the intro, so it's not just a batch of passive dull crap.

employment: swung from the cheap to the expensive today. morning was ice-white silk duchess satin, heavy and glorious and crisp. afternoon, using newspaper to make crumpled, narsty paper hats.

geeking: attacked them with two tapestries, two shield racks, a rope curtain, a heavy wrought-iron thingy, and lots of silliness. no PCs dead yet. highlights of the evening? "You're searching the cushions of the divan, not the body underneath it?" "The body will stay there. They (the party) might take the stuff in the cushions." also mggy's character trying to salvage the 'corpses' of the tapestries, since they pictured salacious embroidered nymphs. and "satyr"/"Seder" confusion.

also, please to be checking out "Order of the Stick" if you game. right here. click here now, dammit! EDIT: Okay, so today's is more plot, less funny. Try earlier.!


Apr. 1st, 2004 06:18 pm
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A gentle smack from the universe has been given to me today. Kind of the older cat whacking the kitten thwap--no claws, no malice, just a "go away and leave me alone, kid".

First--that paper, that so many of you sent good vibes for? It's done, it's pretty good. However. It's Spring Break. Spring freaking Break. The paper is not due till NEXT Thursday.

I walked to class through the Noah-riffic weather to discover a dark, dark lecture hall...and my inabiity to read the syllabus.

Then the bus got a flat on the way home. A big-ass MBTA bus gets a flat! What did we do, run over a box of ice picks?

Neither of these things inspired any bitterness--just a sense of amusement and a light paranoia. Which are helpful for every day.
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no, not the congressman.

I haven't posted in a bit because I'm attempting to post an Essay. I'm trying to collect some thoughts on "Skeptical Paganism", and I want to use LJ to actually write and post Content in the form of this Essay. Oof. Which means I've denied myself the bouncy/whiny/silly/etc. standard posts I can do, trying to get myself to write it. Well, that's counterproductive and just leads to no posts instead of Content.

The essay will come...oh yes, it will...but till then, I keep with the silly.

Any suggestions for beasties to throw at my party on Wednesday? Something earthy, or evil, or heavy...yeah.
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"For in this world fear, grief, toil, and peril are unavoidable, but it is of the utmost importance for what cause, with what hope, and to what end a man endures these things."

Yeah, That Augustine. Of Hippo.

Current reading is redefining him for me. "Augustine and the Limits of Politics", by Jean Bethke Elshtain. I had thought of him as just a morose, original-sin-happy, all-sex-is-evil, women-suck-too, early Church father.

I think I might have to read City of God. The whole thing. Elshtain is steadily redeeming him from the multiple negative associations. (Example--yes, he does counsel that wives should be subservient. But not because, as Aristotle would have it, they're inherently inferior. Instead, Auggy's women are equal in the eyes of God, but to maintain the peace and tradition of the household and thus the state, they should be subservient. I disagree at the end, o'course, but stating that women are not absolute inferiors is kind of radical for the time.)


Plus, Jess just informed me that the sheep animation will be in the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. Oh My God. Not only does she rock, but she has made my margin doodles world famous. Wooooooooooot!
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Two religion-grad-school related events today, one which left me walking on air and whooping, and one which left me grumbling and resolute. Therefore I must vent.

The first: I met with a prof from last semester who offered to write me a letter of recommendation. Prof had lots of good advice, fun attitude, good news about prospects for a career as well as for my own admission into HDS. And a possible job offer for the fall. Or at least a connection leading thereto. I thought I would keel over...especially when prof offered to go over my statement of purpose essay when I write it. Not just woot: wo0o0o0o0o0o0t! I like this person so much. I wish they were in the fields I'm looking at. Oh, and I really do need to start learning German.

The second: Intro survey class this evening. I got a paper back, and it was a B-. I first reacted poorly: "This deserves better! If it weren't such a stilted topic..." Then irritably, thinking about the high tangent-to-info ratio in class. This prof is intelligent, funny, and well-spoken...but the combination of tangents and the necessity of hurrying through material in a survey class is driving me nuts. Finally, I reached the best conclusion. I will kick this class's butt. I will do so well on these papers, far better than a standard 101 demands or deserves. Fooey.

Back in college, I would have whimpered and had a self-doubt attack at a B-. Now I'm just determined to do better and irate about the class. Yeah, I'm definitely ready for more schooling.

Paraphrase of something I heard recently: "You need an ironclad ego to apply to this school. You need an ironclad ego that is justified in order to get in."

In other news, I seem to have wailed on the party too hard last night at game. Thankfully, Rules Guy assists. Sigh...I should just run a bunch of combats till I know the stuff inside and out.
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One of the cool things my fall Extension class professor did was have us read novels for the comparative religion course. Instead of anthropological studies, we got a narrative version of life in a religion--admittedly, through the author's perspective. I thought it was one of the most fascinating ways of studying a culture or way of life, and I find myself wondering more and more about it.

(Specifically, I wonder who taught this prof, and if I can study with both of them.)

I also formed an odd hypothesis. Science fiction is often used (in part) to explore alternate cultural/societal constructs. Starship Troopers' military organization, the Mars trilogy's corporations and sovereignty issues, Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly and drug use, etc. Fantasy, I think, does a similar exploration with concepts of God or the spiritual. Not all fantasy, and it's not exclusive to the genre, of course. But here's some interesting examples:

--McKillip's Riddle-Master series: non-omnipotent God figure, semienvironmental law placed by him to bind rulers to their lands, problem of the passing of God...
--Terry Pratchett, esp. Small Gods: belief, polytheism, the problem of coexistent monotheisms...
--Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind: purity/corruption, responsibility, the legacy of past powerful civilizations, penance
--Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series: overt JudeoChristian imagery, war in heaven...
--Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion, in a very D&D-bound world, exploring what it means to be a servant of God.

It's not universally true, a'course. But it's fun to examine.


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