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"Dear [ profile] sigerson:

Enclosed are copies of the letters we have sent to the embers of the Committee..."

Aw, dammit! How am I ever going to schedule a final meeting if she's already incinerated them?
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I find myself writing copious notes in my new job, and constantly referring to our new boss, Ellice Lieberman, who kicks multiple kinds of ass, by her initials.

So my meeting notes are nigh-Biblical:

"EL wants docket complete by Tuesday. If not possible, consult EL for assistance."
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I want a head like the heads they have on Easter Island.
I want a great big forehead.
I want to stand up tall.
I want a head like the heads they have on Easter Island.
I want to stare at the seaside and do nothing at all.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled day. Had this been a real freak-out, there would have been far sillier icons accompanying this message. Thank you.
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That was fantastic.

We just hosted MrTheMan's birthday party; his actual natal day is next Tuesday, but this was best for congregation purposes. From three in the afternoon till midnight, this house was a game-playing, conversation-filled, food-overloaded nest. Many people we love, *pause for absent friends, whom we missed*. Most everybody had a good time, and there were some great Oracle question-answer exchanges. Wanna see? )

Tomorrow is full of work; clean up from the party, do an alteration, do a quilt square, suss out more jobs, etc, etc. But it's interrupted by Riddick. W00t!

A moment of thanks for the beautiful people in my life. Not "The Beautiful People", but the fascinating, strong, tenacious, creative people I am surrounded by. I am luckier than I ever thought I could be.


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