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This seems like an interesting cause. It's a project to make online games accessible to pediatric inpatients, so that they can meet, connect with, and play against other sick kids in other hospitals.

"HOPE gives chronically ill children the opportunity to escape stresses inherent in their conditions by providing distraction through gaming and comfort via peer contact. Through our virtual world we are able to ameliorate depression, reduce perceived pain, and improve the quality of our patients’ lives.

We believe that children forced by circumstance to sit in hospitals enduring tests, fear, and uncertainty should be given access to the very best in interactive entertainment and education. They should be allowed and encouraged to explore other worlds, meet new people, and engage in mentally challenging quests. Most importantly, they should have a great time doing these things. Our goal is to allow every child with a debilitating ailment to captain a virtual football team, slay virtual dragons, and learn to build and maintain valuable community relationships. It’s as simple, and as ambitious, as that."
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I thought I was going to write a Thankful Thursdays list like [ profile] fairoriana, but instead I find myself simply wanting to share moments from my day. Here you go, then, a small string of beautiful bits.

--Realizing, in my first ever German class, that I know far more German words than I had ever thought. Mein Name ist E! Plus I learned the word Zwilling.

--Sitting and catching up with [ profile] ltlbird this evening over tasty rendang and boba tea. Wish her well and good health!

--Coming up the stairs tonight and smelling baked bread. Someone in this building is doing baking tonight; the air is yeasty and rich with the wonderful scent of bread.

--The small noises our Ooblet makes when I enter the apartment and she's obviously just woken up at my approach.

--A mug of Bailey's. Not full, just a little bit.

My love to those of you who are tired or sad tonight; the mojo candle continues to burn in your name. My love also to those of you who are silly and happy or simply content. Good night. And sheep.
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Perhaps, a la [ profile] fairoriana's Thankful Thursdays, I should do Freaky Fridays. But these aren't that freaky...this time...

--My boss offered a memento mori to me when I was running around at top bionic speed yesterday: "Nobody writes 'She was a good worker' on your tombstone." (Actually, I'm hoping for "Put not your trust in anvils".)

--I saw a woman with a Hello Kitty hat yesterday. At first it was cute; the hat is shaped like Hello Kitty's head, and has little cute eyes and little cute ears, and has a red turnback around the bottom. Then my perception sidestepped, and it looked like Hello Kitty Chupacabra was glommed on to the top of this woman's head and eating her brains. I can only wonder what she thought as my eyes bugged out and I started giggling.

--Anyone notice how the "hating stupid people" idea is pretty pervasive? "Stupid" seems to equal "lacking common sense"...which usually equals "seeing things the way I do". It feels as if that's present in many debates, both political and cultural, lately: the other side isn't just wrong, they're stupid (or worse, they've been fooled).

--I need to make a speech bubble for Mudpuppy my Frankenbeanie, so that he can say various things.

--Located through friendsfriends: Manolo Shoes. No, really. Read his entry on the Day of the San Valentino. Do not be the skate of cheap if you are a man who has the woman in his life, says Manolo. Also good for the occasional cattiness.

I think that's all for the moment. Any other freakish friday stuff?

mmm...Hello Kitty Chupacabra...
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(I haven't been posting much, because I'm awaiting the full bringing-to-life of my brand spankin' new Lappy)

Sal is going to be here over her spring break. March 13-19, if I'm correct. And I can't find a damn thing to do with her during that time! (Besides get really embarassingly drunk on St. Patrick's day on a half-glass of Bailey's.) No shows...No concerts...No funky exhibits...

...Which leads me to ask y'all. She'll be spending the majority of daytime with college friends, but twin and I have claim on a fair amount of her time, and I want to go do something with it.

If it were summer, I'd go for the drive-in movie, or out for a harbor cruise, or whalewatching or something.
But it'll be March. Which could mean daffodils, and could mean four feet of snow.

Any suggestions?

pros, cons

Jan. 23rd, 2005 03:17 pm
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Worrying about friends who are driving or might be driving today.
Slight cabin fever.
Cancellation of the Dinosaur Annex concert, which had some very cool pieces.
Not being entirely certain what to do with this time I suddenly have.
Occasional drafts.

DDR with DaMan.
Watching DaMan play Metroid Prime: Echoes and going "ooo, are you gonna shoot that one too?"
Re-reading a graphic novel.
Hustling down the fresh-plowed streets to the Store 24, picking up ingredients.
Choosing to use this present of time to make chocolate chip cookies. And maybe ice cream, too.
The Lappy being on its way, eventually.
The bright, bright light in every window, filling the apartment.
Being home during Oob's affectionate hours.

Chocolate chip cookies await me! I shall free them from their ingredient-y state!
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Yesterday was the Day of Culture and Laundry.

Morning with [ profile] esqgirl, wandering through Art Deco exhibit at the MFA. Apparently Art Deco is a bit more extravagant than I thought; I had much more sleek lines and elegance, rather than a nigh-baroque style at times. (Perhaps I meant Art Nouveau?) Still, the fashion bits and the cultural elements were fascinating. Followed with lunch at the cafe, catching up and pondering futures. What a lovely start!

Then I came home, and proceeded to do five loads of laundry.

Since it's DaMan's and mine combined, wanna take a guess at the breakdown? White, light color, dark color, black and black. Two loads black. Wonder if I should buy him a blue shirt.

Time spent not laundering was spent weaving! Almost...there...

And the evening finished with some episodes of Firefly and the presence of a few close friends.

A good Saturday, in other words.

And there will be SHEEP ON TV! [ profile] cute_fuzzy_evil's animation, "Attack of the Note Sheep", which derives in some small part from [ profile] stealthmuffin's and my habit of scrawling little doomed sheep in our margins, will air on Nickelodeon!

To wit:
"My short animation "Attack of the Note Sheep" will be showing on Nickelodeon on October 31, 2004, at 10 PM ET, as part of the Nicktoons Film Festival!
Encore presentations include:
Monday, 11/1, at 1:00am (ET)
Monday, 11/1, at 10:00pm (ET)
Tuesday, 11/2, at 1:00am (ET)"

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I never thought temping would be like this.

Bouncing from receptionist job to receptionist job, yes. And that's the majority of it. Thankfully, on the week before Labor Day, calls are few and far between. Funny, everyone seems to be "out of the office" or "at an off-site meeting".

But yesterday, I got a very different temp job.

I worked at a daycare.

Just for an afternoon, in order to provide the state-appointed number of adults in a room at any one time. And most of it was naptime. I was in the infant and toddler room.

What have I learned from this?

1. I don't know what to do with a kid. I don't know how to get them to do something, or to stop doing something. I don't know how to stop crying, or get them to go to sleep, or bring a shy child into a group. I have zero knowledge of this. None. Absolute bupkis. I don't even know how to hold one properly.

2. I like kids. I can't deal with them, but I like them. I loved babbling with one of them, then realizing I could understand what he was saying. I like making them grin or smile or look fascinated. I like watching them try things out, and I like seeing what they do know (we hold on to the rope when we walk) and what they don't (if I move fast with the rope, the other person holding it will fall).

Okay, don't freak out. I have no plans of immanent spawnage. Nor even plans in the next five years. But I think this was the first time I didn't run screaming from the idea of having a kid.

Which may be the scariest lesson of the day.

Worldcon update once I'm through with my games...

oom! pah!

Mar. 30th, 2004 12:41 pm
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Following my friend Brenda's tradition of Thankful Thursdays, I'm putting together a list of small wonders and happinesses encountered recently.

**A sousaphonist in Park Street T. Not your usual busker! Playing "If I Only Had a Brain". I wished for Boutros-Boutros just so I could introduce him to the concept of sousafish.
**Playing Confirm and Deny with MrTheMan. It's from an Eddie Izzard routine, and he's too damn good at it.
**The beastie in the Berkshires likes me. She rumbles really loud when I pet her.
**The Oob continues to lose weight, and has gotten cuter in her methods of waking me in the morning. Today I opened my eyes after the snooze went off, and was staring directly into big eyes and a cold, wet nose. Awww.
**Shibori! Shibori is sooo cool. I might have to buy something and dye it. It's a Japanese form of tie-dyeing, where you stitch and gather in patterns in order to have strange but regular designs.
**The joy in teaching others a skill I have.
**The greater joy in seeing an enthusiasm for a new hobby develop in others.
**Blue fingernails. CoooOOOooool. Okay, so the hot tub owners don't think so, but it's an everyday occurrence for them. I think it's awesome.
**Dilated pupils. I had an eye exam this morning, and now I look REALLY interested in what people are saying to me. It's a little uncomfortable-light hurts a bit-but I like these gentle sensory alterations.
**Having the effect of said pupils start to wear off just as I need to start a paper.
**Grey daylight in the morning.

And here's a couple of book recommendations:

Seven Theories of Religion by Daniel Pals. Nice intro text for anyone trying to get a handle on just what various folks have thought about religion and why. Offers background, support, summation, analysis, and critique of seven thinkers: Frazer (the Golden Bough guy), Freud, Marx, Durkheim, Eliade, Evans-Pritchard and Geertz.

Lenore: Noogies and Lenore: Wedgies by Roman Dirge. Comic about a little dead girl. V. sick. V.v. sick. Also v. funny. Lenore doesn't have much tolerance for things like lawn gnomes, her button-eyed ex-boyfriend, and evil toilet monsters trying to eat her head.

For that matter, neither do I.


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