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minor TMI )

In other news, Mudpuppy my frankenbeanie now sits atop my work computer, ruling all he surveys.
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The Halloween party last night was wonderful. (Hugs to those who were unable to come!) With a surprise appearance by [ profile] nadyezhda and [ profile] haak0n, lots of good books and good characters. There were several moments when I introduced people by LJ names as well as real ones...and got quite a few a-ha! results.

Theme of the party was books! People dressed up as book characters, then brought a book to lend out, and went home with somebody else's. [ profile] anu3bis had a beautiful Dream/Sandman mask; A was resplendent as Scarlett O'Hara; I bounced around at [ profile] g_me being Anne of Green Gables; DaMan went in bathrobe, pajamas, and book with "DON'T PANIC" written on it... know, everyone's costumes were pretty damned cool! The ones from books I hadn't read (T, with fire lizards and bandaged feet) made me want to read more, and the classics were inspiring. ([ profile] cute_fuzzy_evil as Dame Alysoun, in red kirtle...and her husband wearing a sign saying "Hi, my name is BATH") And I really did have a brief heart-stop moment when [ profile] skarppsey took off his innocuous white jester's mask to reveal the Red Death beneath.

T taught us a new game called Celebrity Salad, which was a lot of fun. (How the hell do you describe "Detective Lenny Briscoe" in one word? I love the man, and I still don't know!) We also played two rounds of Oracle.

And there was hot buttered rum, and ice cream, and tildae, and evil popcorn balls, and just good fun.
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I took my weaving course this weekend. I now know how to thread a loom, weave, and will learn how to remove it later.

I also know that I do not want to encounter this teacher any more, ever. (Besides the part where I *have* to, in order to give her back spare chenille yarn.)

First, the 'teaching' bit was never fully engaged. The talking randomly about one subject, jumping to another, giving indistinct instructions about what we might do at one point...that was full on. Questions occasionally encouraged a response disparaging "Cambridge students and their desire to know *why* rather than just *do* it". Refusing to inspect student work when they found a mistake, to help correct, and instead just saying "Well, you must have screwed up earlier. Start over." Giving incomplete instructions to one set of students, then giving complete and somewhat contradictory ones to another set.

Two people did not complete the class. So the main topic of conversation from her was 'how weaving isn't for everyone, how some people just can't do it, how some people don't have their minds in the right place, how some people just can't seem to shift from right brain to left brain...' Look, lady. They left because they were frustrated, upset, near tears in one case, and felt that they were receiving no help. Not because they were 'not weaving people'.

And the piece de resistance? Bigotry. Not of the hatred kind, but of the damning with compliments. Yup.

(To a Brazilian student, who later left) "You know, some people hold ethnic stereotypes, but all the Brazilians on the Vineyard are very hardworking. They clean the island, they cook, they work very hard." (She went on in this vein for a bit. Later she asked how his English was, then disparaged it after he left.)

"Laotians, they're the no-problem people. I have a Laotian assistant, and she's always smiling, always happy, always so innovative with saving money. So they're the No Problem people."

"Whenever I see an Asian face, I'm just in heaven. You know, Asians have a natural facility for fiber work."

"When I worked in XX, with the community making tapestries, we never had any trouble with young men of un-American ethnicity. But American young men didn't want to do any weaving..."

Huh. Oh gee, I'm not a bigot! I love those little brown people! (No, she didn't say that.)

I just don't get it. She probably thinks I'm prickly, because after the third or fourth time, I felt absolutely no need to be polite to her.
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Last Wednesday was my last day of work at the theater. I finished a duplicate pair of breeches, ran out to get the designer some coffee, and called the rest of the day a personal day.

It wasn't hard at all. But I was surprised that it wasn't as easy as I expected, either. A weird tight feeling settled into my lungs on Monday, and still seems to wrap around my chest when I reflect that I am not returning there.

I expected a sensation of freedom, perhaps; and that was there. I realized, as I left the building for the last time as an Employee, that I had spent as much time there as at college. Four years--with summers off. With a far smaller group of people, day in and day out. Of course it was more difficult than I thought to leave; good or ill, this place had become a second home. Coming to work at seven in the morning, being the first to open up the shop, starting the day with an hour of my own music and a cup of coffee, getting my best work done before another person enters the room.

Now I'm off. As I felt when I arrived there, I feel now: that I'm being called on. However, I think I don't get any more freebies from Her. Now it's my own muscle that I need. This would have terrified me a year ago. I know I'm stronger now. Hell, I was stronger then, too--just nervous and unwilling to take the step.

I walked into that position, eyes open, experimenting with my life. Then I forgot that it was an experiment, not necessarily a career. Now? The experiment was a success; let's try another, clearer path. With the grace of the Lady and a long-handled spoon, I'm off!

(Since then, my younger sib has gained CAR!!, a week's worth of temp work has materialized joyfully, a lack of indoor plumbing has been experienced, and a weekend was spent with my cousin Myra, full of sweetness and strawberry Quik. But more on that later.)
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I just applied for a job.
Tomorrow I will apply for another.

I will miss being at the theater, but I think it's very important to stop now. It's not going to make me happy in ten years, just depressed and angsty. It's not going to bring in other rewards to make up for certain of its flaws.

Plus it's not as if I'm going to quit costuming qua costuming. Just as a career.

I nearly wrote that this is moot if I don't get a job. But it's not--because even if I have to be a Starbucks coffeegal, I will be somewhere other than the theater next fall.



Apr. 7th, 2004 10:59 pm
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education: completed one paper, in better shape. actually sat and thought about the intro, so it's not just a batch of passive dull crap.

employment: swung from the cheap to the expensive today. morning was ice-white silk duchess satin, heavy and glorious and crisp. afternoon, using newspaper to make crumpled, narsty paper hats.

geeking: attacked them with two tapestries, two shield racks, a rope curtain, a heavy wrought-iron thingy, and lots of silliness. no PCs dead yet. highlights of the evening? "You're searching the cushions of the divan, not the body underneath it?" "The body will stay there. They (the party) might take the stuff in the cushions." also mggy's character trying to salvage the 'corpses' of the tapestries, since they pictured salacious embroidered nymphs. and "satyr"/"Seder" confusion.

also, please to be checking out "Order of the Stick" if you game. right here. click here now, dammit! EDIT: Okay, so today's is more plot, less funny. Try earlier.!
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---I dressed up as a pirate tonight and went out to get drunk and sing shanties. Perhaps it would have been even cooler if I were less shy in a bar situation, but overall it was lots of cool. Argh. Arrrrrgh. Fear my bandanna and foofy shirt.

--Sam has sent a followup CD to our cover-mix, "Revenge of Pork". This outrage can not be borne. Especially Masters of Chant singing Blue Monday. Or any David Hasslehoff. But Mr.TheMan and I are nearly tapped out of covers. Shy of finding some Me First and the Gimmee Gimmees or Annoying Music Show cds, I don't know where we're going to find enough songs to mix a reply cd. Oof. But at least I have Tiny Tim singing "Hey Jude".

--LJ may not be the best place for it, but I feel I must state and restate how much I love Mr.TheMan. I am incredibly lucky to be who I am, where I am, and the fact that he's so wonderful makes it even better. I love his uncontrolled laugh, his expressive eyebrows, and his way of challenging me. And his smiles.

--On my way home from getting*tfaced, I found a silver ring. It looks kind of like your standard bit of shiny chromed hardware, incomplete circle with rounded tips, about 1/8" wide round band, no other adornment. It fits my middle finger on the right hand. I picked it up and put it on without even thinking about it. How strange, the things we find. I like to think I was meant to find it.

--I continue forging through the heavy philo-theo-ethico book I picked up last week on a whim. It's actually providing a good crash course in the last two hundred years in basic theology and philosophy. I'm just about to reach the point where the author will begin to form his actual argument, rather than restating the entire history that has led up to it. I hope it's well done; I want the equivalent of the toy at the bottom of the box.

--Last, I leave you with silly haiku:

No peg leg, no hook
Yet buccaneer I remain
Bring me my brown pants!

Tomorrow, Green Line
Muttering "argh" I grumble
Keelhaul the whole train!
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...time for a real entry.

Explaining the name: I had, and to a degree still have, a fixation with Sherlock Holmes and the Jeremy Brett portrayal of such. Had I known about fanfiction at that point, I would have done it. Not any more. Rest in peace, Mr. Brett...

Explaining the fish: We're doing a kids' show in a few weeks, and one of the main figures is this huge blue fish puppet. It needs movable lips, eyelids, and fins. It's one of the cooler projects I've been able to work on, especially because la grande Craftswomen kind of throw a project at me and let me go nuts on it. I get some patterning control, some imaginative work, and just the right amount of independence and advice. If only this happened more...

Explaining the user icon: I am the Jiggly. I am the Puff. Fear me. Hug me.

Now, to inform others of my existence!


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